Saturday, April 14, 2007

Easter Chocolate

I am starting to get in a routine of getting out and getting some fresh air and exercise, finally. It has been so nice out that the fresh air just calls to me. So tonight I once again loaded up the babies (well toddler and pre-schooler) in the chariot, got the big guys on their bikes and went for a run. We run/bike to the ymca playground and the kids get to get out and play for a while and then we head back. Takes about 20 minutes each way so it is a nice jaunt, and the kids get some fun in the bargain. Actually the babies really think it is fun when I run and push them, they keep laughing and screaming for me to go faster. At this point I am running a block walking a block, so they are always yelling for me to run again. Shouldn't be too long til I can run the whole way again, been a long inactive winter.
Anyway, what do I do when I get back home? I eat a chocolate Easter egg. argh. I didn't even think about it. just ate it right up. Of course it is probably better that I ran and ate the chocolate, rather than just eat the chocolate.:p
I am getting impatient with my unfit, chubby body-so ready to make the changes I need to get fit and hopefully lean. I am off to a good start I think, even if my weight is stuck again. With regular and increasing exercise I should start losing again right away. Just have to make sure I watch how many chocolate Easter eggs I am consuming.;)

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  1. ahhh yes chocolate does it everytime...i know all about it!
    Your beautiful babe - good for you getting outside like that! woohoo!