Thursday, April 19, 2007


I am supposed to be tidying up and especially folding laundry. My littlest 3 are all occupied at the kitchen table playing with playdoh. I so do not want to see the mess they are making, lol. I have so much to do in my house it is overwhelming just to think about. I need to muck out and clean every room, top to bottom. We need less stuff. So much stuff it makes me anxious. Toys and clothes that no one is using. Paper overtaking my life. Even my computer has become cluttered with unzipped scrap kits, unorganized links, music that no one listen's , stuff everywhere. Not sure what happened, I love order, but I have gotten so 'busy' I guess that I feel things have got away from me.
I am going to go through each room and fill boxes to give away, take them directly to my van, and when it is full I will drive directly to the Salvation army. I will not stop until I can manage my house again. Until I have clear counters and shelves. Til there are no toys without a home and hands that play with them regularly. Til the only clothes in my laundry are ones that are worn at least a few times a month if not every week. I will even be extremely brutal and get rid of some books. ACK!! Like tearing off limbs for me. But if we are not going to read them again, or they do not have sentimental value (usually those 2 go hand in hand) I will give them new homes. Well I may keep a few exceptionally pretty ones, lol, but that is it. Curriculum and paper, out of here.
Okay, I am gonna start right now, before I lose my inspiration. Come and visit in a month and see my newly organized and sparse home! Wish me luck.

ps. Ya know how I said I didn't want to see the mess they had made with playdoh. I was so right. Monkey boy peed in a playdoh cup. Then it was spilled onto the table onto the playdoh. ug.
slight detour in my evening.:0)

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  1. Good luck!

    Sucks when life gets away from you and you get so "busy" that things pile up. Be harsh; you rule your life, not the stuff around you :)