Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Night's alright...

Well not a lot happening on the spring cleaning front yet, I am easily distracted:0)
I am now officially addicted to! I went in to check mine for a second today, send a message or two and found some old friends. And some of my newer ones too. I passed hours leaving posts on people's walls, checking out photos, catching up on their lives, so awesome! Awesome except for the hours thing, lol. I was working on new site art at the same time, but I was supposed to be working on my house, oops.
Went to Costco to go shopping this afternoon and dh was supposed to meet me there. I took the kids in, of course the first stop was the bathroom where the little monkey boy proceeded to pee on his pants and shirt. He was very upset. His big brothers were wandering around or getting in the way of my cart or other people's carts. They kept saying, "Mom, Mom, Mom." I was getting frazzled and we hadn't even started shopping yet. I took them back out to the van. LOL When dh got there he convinced me to go back in and get them some supper. Well he had to look at 'just one thing' and we ended up getting a cart full of stuff before we made it to the hot dog place. It was good though, we needed stuff and it was much easier with him there.
Tonight I took my eldest to a city-wide youth rally at our church. When I pulled into the parking lot to pick him up I felt very nostalgic. Watching all the kids coming out, it doesn't seem that long ago that I was the student going to youth group. We had amazing times, socializing, singing and experiencing God in such a real way. Those times held me fast during a lot of hard teenage stuff, and I pray the same for my children. I watch my Boy growing up and becoming a young man, and I can see the rough waters he may have to navigate. I pray God will hold fast to him, and that he will cling to God too, walking with Him for all his days.


  1. your Costco experience sounds fun! Sort of familiar (minus a couple of kids). It all works out in the end though doesnt it!

  2. I totally know what you mean by being addicted to facebook! LOL! I am CONSTANTLY going on it to see what my friends are up to and if anyone has sent me a message etc.

    And I know too about the Youth Group memories, I used to go to Youth Group as a teen myself, and I know that it really had a hand in shaping the person I am today. I hope that my daughter attends some day when she is older!

  3. i know that frazzled feeling all to well in the store!!

    why do our kids grow so fast?