Saturday, April 21, 2007

Monkey and Mommy

My little monkey boy is the sweetest. He is the most cuddly child I have ever met, and that is saying a lot in my little family. He especially loves skin to skin cuddles still, but really who doesn't!
Today when I went in to wake his dad for night shift, we were cuddled up in bed and Juju came to cuddle too. He crawls in between us and talks to us for a while, and I was telling Daddy how much Juju likes eyebrows, lol. He is completely infatuated with eyebrows! He was worried for a while that he didn't have any, his are blond-most of us in the family have noticeable brown eyebrows;) Anyway he was talking about them again and I told him that his were gonna be just like his daddy's when he grew up (they are exactly the same shape). He said no, not like daddy. He wanted to be like me when he grows up, exactly like me. My heart just melted, how totally sweet, and what a huge responsibility.
I have been having an issue with him and bedtime lately, I put him in bed and within minutes he gets out of his bed and crawls into mine. Even if he has a sleepover with the 9 year old, he still gets up and goes to my bed. I don't know if this is too big a deal or not. He must be comforted by sleeping there I guess. He is still going right to sleep, I move him when I come to bed, so it really isn't disrupting anything. And since he goes right to sleep, I hate to trade that to fight with him to sleep in his own bed. Every morning around 6:30 he is back for his morning cuddle, lol, man I will miss that when he is 'too big' to want that. Some days we would have all four of them cuddled up with us in the morning, it is a little crowded now, but fun for a few minutes. The only problem being that I only have two sides and 4 kids want to be there!


  1. Ohhhh , how sweet treasure the little times.

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww your family is so cute - little jude - what a sweetie pie he is!! muah!