Monday, April 02, 2007

April Fools!

As of yesterday the minor hockey season is officially over! Braeden had one last tournament, and now we are done. The tourney started off well with a decided win, then tapered off with back to back losses. Many of the kids were away for visit your non-custodial parent week (spring break), so the few we had worked hard and were exhausted. My son seemed to thrive on the ice time though, played his best games of the season. Yesterday morning, early in the morning, lol, they played their last game. My boy came home with the most dejected face, he just moped on the couch for an hour. Daddy said that he played amazing, but it just wasn't enough.
I felt so badly for him, sat beside him on the couch for a bit just hugging him. After a bit I went to get some stuff done and my cell starts to ring. So I run upstairs to get it and it is just dh. So I am a little annoyed because I asked him if it was him calling and he said no-before I ran up 3 flights of stairs. It rings again and I look at it more closely, there is a photo on my screen. It is my son, with a big grin on his face, holding a trophy cup and a gold medal! I scream out, "What the Heck?!" and run down the stairs crying as the boys all get a good laugh at mama. "April Fools!!!" Man they got me good. I gave my boy a big hug and he tells me that not only did they win, but that he scored 2 of their 4 goals. 2 GOALS! My boy who only scored 2 goals all season, scored 2 in one game! He had 2 breakaways, scored on one and got the rebound on the other and scored! So exciting. Daddy said that he played amazing, did everything he has learned and played with more effort and heart than ever before! Needless to say I was quite proud.
Both big boys started Tae Kwon Do 2 weeks ago, they absolutely love it. I think the lessons they will learn will be so important in their lives, respect, self-discipline, kindness, physical awareness, goal setting, many many great things. They are really putting in a great effort, so I am very pleased and can't wait to see where this takes them.


  1. You have some proud friends over here too!
    I totally forgot it was April Fools day Sunday. LOL! What stinkers.

  2. I wonder if my son would like a class like that....great to hear how your boys love it!