Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My own little storm.

Life with kids is always a bit of a rollercoaster. I took Monkey boy (age 3) to the grocery store with me today. On the way I realized how many conveniences there are for parent's driving alone with small children. I had to take back a movie, and was thankful for the convenient drop box, so I could park, take two steps from the car and place my movie in the slot. Didn't have to take my toddler out of the car. Then I realized I needed some cash, so I drove to the bank right through the drive-thru cash machine! I was so grateful! I did not have to unbuckle my little boy, take him inside, try to keep him from taking off while I went to the machine or stood at the teller. I did not have to yell, "no" in my mom voice as he played with the automatic doors, apologize to strangers he terrorized by running and yelling, or make a last minute save when he knocked some memento off someone's desk! I love technology!
So we got to the grocery store, I love taking him to shop because he is so excited by all the things there are to see. He especially loves to walk through the giant produce section and pick out new fruit and veg to try. He exclaims over everything, asking what it is called. I love to watch him and interact with him this way.
Everything is going well, I don't have a loonie to get a cart, so we walk hand in hand to go get some change. He is happy and chattering, I am blissfully ignorant of what the next ten minutes hold. We get back to the buggy corral, put in my dollar, get my cart and he announces that he wants to ride on the back of the cart. I ,of course, tell him this is unsafe and he may sit in the front to chat with me, or walk beside me. Well, complete and utter meltdown. Screaming at the top of his lungs. Of course people are looking at us like I am abducting him or beating him or something, lol. But after being a parent for 12+ years and having 4 energetic kids, I am used to these disapproving looks. I calmly give him his choices again, ride in front, walk with me, or we go home now. Everything I say is met with screams of, "NO!!" So I wait a minute or two, I really want to get this shopping done as I have been putting it off and I have the opportunity to only take one child. I give him his choices again-"NO!" So, amazing myself with my calm and steady demeanor, I put back the cart, gather my child in my arms and walk back to the van. It takes almost 10 minutes of wrestling him back into his seat to get him safely buckled, by this point, nosy strangers are taking out their cell phones to call social services I am sure, lol.
I take him home, he screams the entire way, put him in the house and go upstairs to tell his father that I was going back to the store alone. When I came back down, my little guy was fast asleep, lying on his tummy on the floor, 2 steps inside the house. Poor little thing. I guess he needed a nap, lol!
I have to say it was pure bliss to go back to the store alone, browse as I wanted, get what I needed and drive home with my music blaring. completely alone. ahhhh.
Seriously, why did I wait so long to get my driver's?? why, why, why?
Yesterday after lunch I decided the monkeys really needed a bath. I started the tub, got The Boy to take the little ones upstairs and I was gathering towels etc. Well baby girl decided that Bear needed a bath too. Into the tub he went, then she decided he was clean and proceeded to drag his sopping wet and dripping little self all over the upstairs. Very wet. I got them in the tub, and it wasn't very long til we were all soaking wet. I don't know how two such small children can create such a huge hurricane with only a couple of inches of water, but they manage. Once I got them out and dry and in bed, I needed a shower and dry clothes.
My girlfriend's hubby (she has five kids, 12 yr old dd, and 4 boys the youngest being 3) is working nights this week too, so last night we all went to the park after dinner and then when we had some bathroom issues (you so don't want to know;( )we continued the visit here, it was an awesome way to spend an evening. After the babies went to bed, the big boys wanted to play bible trivia with me. The completely kicked my but, utterly and completely. Must be all those Odyssey stories they listen to. It was really cool to find out how much they have learned though. The nine year old won, to no one's greater surprise than him, lol. He was so impressed that he beat his big, 'smart' brother. They are both brilliant, the older one has always amazed us with his trivia brain, but obviously little brother is just as capable.
Tonight we all went to the Servus Centre to swim, everyone had a blast, even baby girl loved the water slides. So glad we got passes there, and we could take our friends. Everyone came home good and tired, so that was a bonus. When I put Baby Girl to bed, she wanted to pray too, she said, "Jesus, men men (amen), and ummhmm, " a few times, lol. Then she wanted to sing Jesus, and she actually sang along with me singing Jesus Loves Me. Totally adorable! Then she kissed me and said, "love." aww my heart was melting.
When I put the little Monkey Boy to bed, he said a huge prayer, "Thank you Jesus swim wif Kevin, thank you my puzzle my friend make (our friends made him a puzzle and door hanger and things for a bday present and gave them to him tonight), thank you blond boy sleepover (he slept in the bottom bunk in big brother's room, his brother was so sweet to invite him:)), thank you my friends, thanks Jesus rain, thank...." on and on, it is so sweet to listen to him pour out his little heart. So thankful for my family, wow I am so blessed. Thank you God.

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  1. You are a whirlwind of energy!
    Sounds like it was a good day all in all.