Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Close call

This morning my husband was telling me about an accident at a job site he has worked on quite often. 2 men were killed when a large something fell on them and crushed them. There are just no words to describe how horrific that is and how close to home it hits. There have been awful, huge tragedies in the news, especially this week, and all I can think about are the families left behind. Thinking about this work site accident really brings home how easily it could happen to us, and really puts the survivors in my heart. I can't imagine that sort of grief. I am so thankful to have my family whole and healthy. All I can think to do for these families is pray, pray and sob for their pain. And selfishly and thankfully pull my family tightly to me and hold them close.

Tonight while driving I came very close to hitting someone and that was just another reminder of the fleeting nature of life. I was at a stoplight waiting to turn left, there was no other traffic when I stopped. I looked down at my phone thinking I should call my son to let him know I would be home soon. I looked up again as the light changed and didn't even notice that someone was opposite me in the intersection so I started to turn. He was going straight through. We both slammed on the brakes and missed by a foot. Scared the crap out of us both I think, I felt terrible it was totally my fault. I was just distracted. Now I realize that I wouldn't have been hurt most likely but it was scary just the same. I hate the thought of me running out to do an errand and not coming right back home to my kids.

Gonna go kiss everyone and tuck them tight in their beds.


  1. I was having similar thoughts this morning. what would we do without our partners?! It scares me so much!

    Oh and I've done that turn into traffic thing so many times! It's one of the reasons I believe in angels.
    Love ya,

  2. I worry about that too - single parenting after an accident or something like would we survive...*hugs*