Saturday, March 14, 2009


Waiting for my son to finish cleaning the kitchen. I have been waiting for him all week. He is 11 and he tries my patience He and his brother trade dish days. Superboy is M, W, F and The Boy is T, T, Sat. Well, Superboy has not finished his dishes once this week. The consequence is that you then have to do the dishes the next day too. Well, instead of convincing my son that he should maybe get down to his job and get it done, I have spent an extremely frustrating week with a very messy kitchen.
School has been the same, I don't think he has actually put in a full school day's worth of work once this week. He has spent hours upon hours sitting and avoiding and sneaking off, but not one day just finishing his stuff. Today, he is supposed be finishing yesterday's work. Which is really Thursday's work... Well, actually I let them have Thursday off.
We spent the afternoon going for lunch and then at chapters. We read books and then spent an hour in the Starbucks having a hot bevvy and a cookie. It was so wonderful. I even got them each a book. And I finally bought Monkey a hand puppet to cuddle at night to discourage thumb sucking.
The first night went great, he didn't suck his thumb all night. Last night, not so much. He took it off in defiance apparently. At least that is what I got by the way he told me this morning. Oh well.
After our bookstore adventure, the big boys had Karate, so we dropped them off and headed out to get groceries at Superst0re. Me and the 3 littles. uh huh. I put Zed in the sling, Girly in the cart and had Monkey walk with me. It was okay, Monkey helped a lot. (even though I almost rolled him over with the cart a dozen times as he helped.) Getting the 20lb bag of potatoes into the bottom of the cart was a bit tricky, pushing the cart while slinging a baby who kept trying to turn around and eat the cart was very tricky to do without dropping said baby. But the kids were terrifically behaved, and it all went pretty smoothly. Until I got to the check out and tried to unload and then bag and reload the cart. While carrying baby in the sling. While baby tried to lean out and grab stuff. While working around helpful preschoolers. Not so easy. I was totally huffing and puffing by the time I got to the last bag. I am not sure how I did it, but I eventually got everything back on the cart. The nice man behind me kept telling me not to hurry, relax, everyone understood how hard that was to do. Which was great, but I think it would have been great if someone could have hauled the bag of potatoes or the cases of diapers and wipes onto the cart for me:)
The boy is sleeping today. He had a all-night birthday party last night. We don't usually allow them to spend the night at other people's homes, but he is 14 and feeling a bit lonely lately. So off he went. They did not sleep at all. I just pray he doesn't get sick this time!
Baby Zed is six months old, can you believe it? He is getting around all over the place, getting into everything. It is wonderful! And a wee bit inconvenient. Just a bit. Also? We are apparently passing around a fungus.(thrush) Both of us are screaming in pain when he nurses, and when he stops, my pain doesn't stop. It shoots through my breast like burning daggers for hours after. Ouch!
I just hope the doc can fit us in next week, because this has got to stop. Like soon!

I am still waiting for hubby to have a day off and come home to see us. We are doing okay, I really feel like God is sustaining me and keeping me. I just know I couldn't handle this on my own. Thankfully, I don't have to.

I think I shall take a walk to Starbucks this afternoon. I wish I had some rubber boots, it is so sloppy out, but I should make it if I load the kiddles into the chariot and go. The sun just came out! Have a great weekend!


  1. I hope that you enjoyed the Starbucks....I wish we had one in walking distance. There is actually an okay coffee shop in town, but I rarely take the kids there because there are always a lot of strange and smoky people hanging around outside it. They're friendly, but maybe I lived in a big city too long because they make me uncomfortable.

    I hope the sun shines on you all weekend.

  2. Sending you lots of hugs, love and prayers. I hope your hubby gets home soon. hang in there my dear friend.

  3. Starbucks sometimes = saving grace!

    Lots of hugs your way. Hope your weekend rocks.

  4. I can not believe the baby is six months old! Where does the time go?