Sunday, March 08, 2009

I am totally crying right now. My sister had called a week or two ago and said she would be in town for the weekend (for a conference) in a couple weeks and would like to see us. I wrote it on my calendar for next weekend. Not this weekend. It was this weekend.
Needless to say, I missed her. I even saw the phone number on my phone and listened to the messages. I missed her message and assumed the number was the number of another message that I did hear, that was for my hubby and was someone that I didn't want to talk to, so I didn't even answer.
And in my stupidity, I missed my sister. I so needed to see her. I miss her! I was so very lonesome this weekend and really wanted to talk to her. I haven't seen my sister since last summer, she has never met Zed. And I screwed it up. I miss her!
I was really excited for the coming week, I am going to see my other two sisters on Tuesday and then I thought H would be here from Wed to Sun and that we could visit and maybe shop together. But, I missed her. WAH!
I love you H! I miss you so! I am so sorry that I messed up!


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry you missed seeing your sister. I hope you feel better very soon. I'm sending hugs your way.

  2. Oh Kristen! I'm so sorry! I actually started crying when I read this because I know almost how disappointed you must feel. When I was 19 I moved to England on my own, and when I'd been there about 8 months my Dad had a business trip to Stockholm, and a long layover at Heathrow on the way home. I got the day off, and was getting ready to go meet him when he phoned me - the Swedish airline had gone on strike and he had to take a different flight...that connected in Geneva. I cried in bed the whole day I was so homesick.

    Big hugs honey. Lonely is a terrible feeling, but there's a lot of people out here thinking about you and admiring you and wishing you well.

  3. Im so sorry you missed her. I just spent a few day with my sister and we had such a good time.

  4. Oh no ,that is sad!!!! I am sure she understands! I hope you can see her soon!

  5. Oh I can hear the sadness in your writing. I can appreciate your pain. I hadn't seen my sisters for almost 7 years and was lucky enough to spend a day with each of them last week while I was in England. It was nice to get to know them both a little better - Email/ phone is just not the same ;)

    I'm sorry you missed your visit! I hope there is another chance soon - for us both to see our sisters!!!

  6. I am so sorry!! I know that seeing her would have totally brightened your day. :(