Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sockless Sunday

I am really finding that every day is an adventure. Especially when I try to go anywhere with my very large crew. Just getting everyone clean and dressed is quite the thing, my poor kids rarely have socks on their feet when we leave. Oops! I always tell them to put socks on, but I rarely think to check if they have. So we will get somewhere and mine are the poor sockless waifs with uncombed hair. When did that happen? When did I go from being the Mom of the cute, clean and perfectly dressed kids to the Mom of the mismatched, sockless, dirty-faced gaggle? I think it was sometime between babies 4 and 5.
It was about the same time that I had to stop micro-managing my family and let them start getting themselves ready.
It was about the same time that I stopped getting my hair cut, using my blowdryer and putting make-up on. I have become a cliche. An unkempt cliche. An unkempt cliche with nothing to wear. Nothing to wear because she is too chubby for her old clothes and can't seem to find an hour to run to the mall and use her gift cards and buy something to wear.
I haven't gotten my hair cut in a year. It is longer than my bra strap. And my eight grey hairs show. In fact they stand straight up! They are kinky and grey and stand up from my head like some geriatric mohawk. I am starting to look a bit like a comic strip character I think. As soon as my hubby comes home, I am going for a haircut. And highlights to mask the grey. Maybe I will get my nails done! Or buy some clothes! And I am ordering some new makeup and skin care, oh yes I am. I have been using Vaseline as moisturizer for a few weeks, now that is just sad. And when I have managed to put some makeup on, I have been dusting the bottom of my makeup bag for powder, because I am out. And out of foundation. And mascara. And all the good colours of eyeshadow. You know the ones. The ones that run out first and all you are left with is the odd purple that makes you look like you were punched, or the blue that went out with the bouffant.
Oh well, these baby days are fleeting and one day I will have some me time again. Maybe my kids will even have paired socks again. Wouldn't that be the day! (and they wouldn't be shunned at the McD's playplace for pulling their bare toesies out of their rubber boots and climbing on in. Bad Mommy!)


  1. Now, you know I live in Texas, right?
    We're like the capitol of big hair & make-up.

    I went forever without getting a hair cut, and finally did it last weekend. It feels GREAT to have the dead ends gone. I haven't had a mani or pedi in well over a year, and fully intend to splurge on my birthday (in June), if not sooner.

    Make-up??? Well....I admit that I don't usually buy expensive makeup. I'm too flitty about it. I get my stuff at the drugstore b/c what I like this week, I may not like next week.

  2. Um are we living parallel lives? Exept, I don't have a baby so what's my excuse?
    Remember when my girls had matching socks, dresses and hair pretties? Well I'm glad you do cuz sometimes they go for two even three days without brushing their hair. Right now Amelia is where a shawl she loves as a skirt and her legwarmers. Maddy is in her pj shorts a tank and her leg warmers lol. AND my hair?! I don't even want to talk about that! Why do those grey one's have to stand straight up?
    I wish I lived closer! We could go shopping together :)
    love you! you're an awesome mommy!

  3. You need a girl's day out! Find some time to pamper yourself! You deserve it! You are one great Mighty Morphin Mama!

  4. Oh I hear ya! I have a gray STREAK on my part. It's really purty. And my make-up is just pitiful...

  5. Sometimes I think that we are going through the same stuff at the exact same time!

    I hear ya with the haircut thing.. it's been right at a year since my last haircut! Something always comes up & I think that spending a few bucks on a haircut for me would be foolish when x,y & z need to be paid for, etc. So.. me on the back-burner yet again. I will admit to having found a couple of silver strands in my hair in the last few months.. I yanked 'em out! ;)

    I promise to work on setting some Mommy time aside for shopping only for myself & also getting a much needed haircut, too.. if you do. :)

    I, too, have the same unkempt kiddos from time to time.. despite how much I want them to not look like ragamuffins.. my best simply isn't that sometimes.

  6. definitely go pamper yourself for an afternoon. You deserve it. And yeah, I am not nearly as anal about stuff with my kids as I was the first few years of motherhood

  7. You deserve some special treatment! The haircut sounds great. I only have one and rarely wear make-up and never dry my hair. (I didn't dry my hair in college. I said at the time it was better for my hair and the environment. Honestly, I'm just lazy. There's absolutely no excuse.)

  8. I think you definitely deserve a day to yourself--at the mall and the hairdresser. You'd feel like a whole new woman.