Monday, March 02, 2009

Mama Guilt Alert!

So I took the kids to the eye doctor today. Well, not only did I find out that I haven't taken them in 3 years (oops!) she also told me that Superboy should have some reading glasses. I took him numerous times, telling the eye doctor that he seemed to be having a lot of trouble focusing during his bookwork and rubbed his eyes and seemed to get headaches. He has a bit of strabismus in one eye, it wanders a bit. The doc kept giving us exercises and saying that his problem was from the strabismus. He also said that he was a bit far-sighted, but all kids are and it shouldn't be a problem.
I kept telling my hubby that I wanted to take him somewhere else and get someone to listen to me. We never did. Hence my guilt. My instincts were right and I didn't didn't listen to them. And I am sure that this has contributed greatly to our school issues with Superboy. Math and writing have been huge sore spots and after a while I just thought he was being disobedient, which was part of it. But I think that it was so hard for him to focus that it created a bad habit in him.
This optometrist said that he really seems to have trouble focusing and even though his prescription is very, very slight, it may make a difference for him in reading and close up work.
Now I am praying that the glasses will help and that we can create some new habits and a positive attitude about school.


  1. well if you want some company to come along on the guilt train I'm there with ya.
    I keep saying the same thing about the kid's eyes. I wonder if this could be part of Maddy's problem too?
    Must make appoints!
    Oh and miss ya!

  2. It's awful when doctors don't listen or pay attention to our concerns. It's hard to find time to make appointments with new specialists when the first is a pain. I'm glad you've found out, though. Hopefully it will help with the school work.
    I love the new header! Wish I could be so creative...

  3. Oh, I love your new look, first off! : )

    And as far as Superboy goes, just go forward from here, that's all you can do. You are are a good Mommy!

  4. The site is gorgeous! And the guilt, well, man, I know that well, too.

  5. And welcome back. We have missed you

  6. well, hopefully the glasses will help a ton!

  7. I know how you feel- trying to get someone to listen to your Momma Instinct. Glad you found a good Doctor