Monday, March 30, 2009

Everyday Miracles

Holey potholes batman! Spring is sprung! My poor suspension, between the potholes and the snow ruts in my back alley, I am thoroughly rattled.

It is finally melting and sunny here in the northland.
Two weeks ago, it was melty and then we had a huge snow dump that Saturday night. By Sunday morning, the roads were a total hazard. We were driving to church and it was crazy slippery, with 6 inches of slush on all the roads. We were waiting to turn right out of our neighbourhood when a strange thing happened. The lights changed and I was waiting for a man to finish crossing the street so that I could go. I was worried about maneuvering around him, because berms of snow were preventing him from getting up to the sidewalk and he was inches from my bumper. When he was clear, I took my foot off of the brake and my car rolled backwards an inch. I tried the gas, and... nothing. I looked down at my displays, everything looked fine, so I tried it again. Same thing happened. Then I was really distracted, trying to figure out what was going on. I had put on my hazards so cars would go around me. I soon figured out that the van had stalled. So I turned the key off, restarted the car and waited for the intersection to clear and the lights to change again.

All this time, I was troubleshooting out loud, so my kids could hear what was happening. My son piped up, "Mom, good thing the car stalled then, because that truck went right by us."
"That big truck went right by us when you couldn't get the car to go."
"You mean that car that went around us while we were stalled?"
"No, that truck went by in front of us while we had the green light."

Now I am confused. I try to clarify. It turns out that while I was distracted by not hitting the man on the side of the road, and then figuring out what had happened to my car, a truck had run the light. A truck that I didn't see. A truck that very likely would have hit us, me and my 5 kids, while we turned right onto the main artery.

Then I was a bit shaken up, "Wow, God gave us a miracle, eh?" I muttered to myself as I tried to blink back the tears that were gathering in my eyes.

"Wow, God really CAN do stuff, hey Mom, " Monkey boy (5) says from the back row.
"Yes, Monkey, God really can," and does, I thought to myself.

The whole rest of the drive, I valiantly held back the waterworks that kept threatening, breathing prayers of thanksgiving.


  1. so glad everything is alright and you are all safe.
    This really touched me too love u all

  2. Awesome post. Those are the things that make me sure that there's someone out there that who knows more than we do. And makes me thankful.

  3. I would be crying too, especially right now ( you know, hormones and all!) Amazing story and so glad God and your guardian angels were there...

  4. Whew- Angels were truly watching out for you. I've had some moments like that driving.

  5. I'll bet your knees were wobbly all the rest of the day. Glad you are here to tell the tale....

  6. I just got goosebumps! So glad you guys are all ok.

  7. Thank God. So glad it went down the way it did...

  8. Praise His, how lucky and blessed are you? Your little man, is just that, a little man.


  9. I'm so glad everyone is okay. What a blessing. Happy Spring!

  10. Oh my goodness!! This is a grat post! What a miracle!!!

  11. Wow! Monkey boy's words are spot on! Thank God that he was watching over you and your precious family.

    Miss you and your blog! Though I haven't been around much, I've been thinking of you. Love the new look!

  12. These moments are crazy, aren't they.

    We had a "near-miss," the other day--and it really puts things in perspective.... :)

    So glad you're all o.k!

  13. So how was your weekend. Cattch us up and fill us in....