Monday, December 10, 2007

May pages and Make-up

So today as I was making these..... (click image for credits)
A. was doing this....
Doesn't she look lovely with her make-up on? That girl loves mascara! I guess I should maybe pay better attention to her. Ack! She gets into everything. I had to throw her in the bath to wash off all the stinky perfume she found as well as all the makeup.
I had a pretty blah day I have to say. Dh came home for the night last night, but we didn't get to be in the same place at the same time because our eldest had a hockey game til 11pm! They won! This morning dh left for work again at 4:30 am. I didn't know when he would be coming home to stay, and my kids were more whiny today than yesterday before they saw him. blech.
But today he called and said he is done his job, he was too tired to come home tonight, but he will be here tomorrow! Yay! I get my dh back! My kids get their daddy back! Tomorrow I am sleeping in, then I am getting up, doing makeup, getting dressed up and heading out of the house without my kids. I have no idea what I shall do, but I will not be at home with my kids. I so need a little mommy time-out! I love my life and spending time with my kids, but everyone deserves a day off once in a while:)
I told my dh that I would be home.... sometime.


  1. Yeah, tell me about it. I too wish I can have a day off from looking after my toddler. But it's a 24/7 job with no rest. ;(

  2. Awww. I think she looks purdy!

    Enjoy your day deserve it!

  3. Enjoy your well-deserved day off!

    My little one can't stay away from my make-up either. Monkey.

  4. Your little daughter is precious and she's just like mine with the make-up! I hope you have a good day to yourself - you are right - we do need those every now and then. See you soon. Kellan

  5. She looks gorgeous! My 2 year old has gotten into my make up several times. Usually when I'm on the computer... hmm. Maybe I should check on her now?

  6. What a perty girly lol. Sometimes you just have to laugh or you would cry right?!

    Oh and the boots...they're from Land's End so very practical and actually winter boots and the jeans, NOT skinny. Still can't wear the skinny. Still have the super legs:( Just tucked my boot cuts in to the boots:)

    Glad Brent is on his way home!

  7. Good for you - have a great day!

  8. Kristen, *you* totally deserve the day off. Enjoy it!

    And she's adorable - thanks for the pix.


  9. You go girl! Needing time without the kids or even not enjoying time WITH the kids is par for the course and doesn't mean you're not a good mommy or that you don't love them!

  10. ha ha, I've SO been there, only mine was a brand new 2lb jar of Peanut Butter and the kids spread it all over the living room. I'll post pictures on my blog in the next couple days.

  11. Your little one is adorable with that mascara on! :)Priceless!

    Hope you've enjoyed your day out!