Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hockey game

Last night my husband took my eldest boy and his best friend to the NHL game. This was the Boy's birthday 'party'. Because he is now 13 we let him choose between having a few friends for a party or going to a sporting event or concert with a friend. He chose Hockey!
His friend brought a gift wrapped in the Blue and Copper, an Oiler's t-shirt and cap and they spent the evening eating junk and screaming for their hometown heroes.
Here are the boys after J gave his gift to The Boy, check out his new duds!
My 3 men off to the game in their jerseys.

The Oilers lost in the shootout (very unusual for them!)and our boys were a bit disappointed. My son told his Dad that in every professional sporting event that he has attended, his team has lost. But in every one that our 10 year old has attended, his team has won. My eldest felt like a jinx. My dh gently explained to the Boy that he really has no impact on the results of the game. At all. :)
I am off to shop, but I will be back later to visit all of you. :)

Watching the game with rapt attention.


  1. What a great time for your son and Happy Birthday to him!! Cute pictures. See you soon. Kellan

  2. Love the photos! And in my opinion - nuttin better than a sporting event for a b-day (I am partial to baseball).

    Happy Birthday!!

  3. That last picture is priceless! It'll no doubt be a birthday to remember for him!

  4. Very sweet! Don't you love it when they get old enough to want to do something for their birthday that is enjoyable for you too? (Such as not having to plan a big party?)
    Ah, I remember when William made the switch. Now his favorite thing to do is going to a sporting event and out to eat pizza with Mom and Dad. While the girls still want all their 12 friends over and since I'm too cheap to go somewhere like chuck-e-cheese, I have to entertain 13 screaming girls here, then clean up afterward. Fun.

  5. Happy (late) birthday big B!
    We miss you bud!
    Glad it was a good one:)

  6. What fun they must have had! Happy Birthday.