Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lazy, Dazy Saturday

My baby girl is sick this morning. She woke up barking and wheezing and whimpering. Now for her, more than anything, the whimpering is a huge neon sign that she is sick. She is a one tough cookie. When she falls down, she usually just gets back up and looks a bit stunned for a moment before she continues playing. She can have tonsillitis, and I would never know until I look in her mouth while brushing her teeth. She is not the whining or complaining type of girl. She is very good natured, she even smiles and laughs while beating up her big brother (who is barely bigger than her and very mild-mannered).
So this morning she has been whimpering and crying and having a hard time catching her breath. Her resp. rate was very high and I could see the in-drawing at the base of her throat. Croup hits the Mighty house once again. Ugh. Poor thing. So mommy spent the morning cuddling and consoling and bathing and exposing those vocal cords to cold air. Right now, she seems to be feeling a bit better, she was dancing with R. to High School Musical! Still wheezing and coughing, but smiling and singing and dancing. She is tough.
I can foresee a trip to emerg. in my near future, usually when the kids have croup they do better in the daytime. I don't think the very dry air in the house, car and stores yesterday was very helpful, I have a pot of water on the stove today trying to raise the humidity level in the home.
Aww, she is trying to laugh at daddy and she has a wheezy, barky laugh. wah.
I am hoping that the cold, hockey arena air will help her this afternoon, because, of course that is where we are heading right away.
Woah! Huge news! R is cleaning his room! He is actually cleaning it, I wonder if that has anything to do with Daddy standing in his doorway holding a huge garbage bag. Hey! I didn't know he had carpet in his room! Strange. Go R!
We are spending a lazy Saturday morning at home, something we never do, ever! For once we only have one ice time, and it was NOT at 6:30 am! I am so enjoying being cuddled up with my babies, crocheting the Christmas stockings I have been working on for 3 years. Seriously. I only pull them out in the middle of December and work on them and I have yet to finish my baby girly's, or Kalila's or the one for a friend that I promised to do 3 YEARS ago! I got the body of A's put together last year, but I am still working on the applique of Santa that goes on the front. I have about 4 or 6 rows left of Santa's beard. I am determined to have it all finished by Christmas eve this year. So I guess I won't be doing too much scrapbooking this week:( I prefer the scrapbooking.

Ha HA! I just looked up to see the kids dancing. My Juju is doing the Cosby! I don't think he has ever seen The Cosby Show, but he is so doing the Bill Cosby Dance, Cute!
My boys found some old Christmas crackers this morning and one of them placed a crown upon my head. I had totally forgotten about it til My eldest just came in my room, got down on one knee, bowed and said, "All Hail Mommy, Queen of the Computer." Hmm, maybe I should spend less time in front of this thing. Maybe I should be Queen of the kitchen. Or Queen of the Laundry, or Queen of the Playground. I am sure the rest of my family would prefer any of those things.
I guess I will go for now, and maybe join in the dancing and throw some dinner in the slow cooker. Have a wonderful weekend, I know I am.


  1. Oh, I'm sorry your baby is sick, but it sounded like a very nice morning otherwise! Hope she gets better soon and isn't up all night - poor thing. Take care and I'll see you later. Kellan

  2. I hope you don't have to go to the emergency room, Kristin!

    I think my kids would call me queen of the computer, too.

  3. Oh poor babies...I hope that you don't have to go to the emerg, and that the nasty 'ol croup goes away soon! My girlie is a toughie too - she's never cried at a needle, she just watches the doctor stick it in. (She doesn't get that from me...I whimper like a sissy!)

  4. Oh, poor baby! :( Hope that air did her some good.

    I hear you on the Christmas stickings. I pulled out my yarn to get started a few weeks ago and haven't touched it yet.

  5. From the non-mama here - "woke up barking"??? Is that a really bad cough? If so.... poor baby...

    If not...ummm...explain please? :)

  6. Thanks guys! So far so good, no emergency room:)
    And Margaret, yep barking is a cough that sounds just like barking. With croup the vocal cords and throat are inflamed and swollen, so the airway is restricted and their coughs sound like little seal or puppy barks.

  7. You know...this reminds me of the excerpt in your novel a little bit. When the babe was sick!

    I hope your little one feels better -- and that you have a good rest of the weekend :)


  8. Ah, hope she's all better & you enjoyed your snuggly time!!!! We had that weekend too!

  9. Hope she is much better by now. And glad to hear you are enjoying your weekend.

  10. Sounds like a lovely morning despite the croup.
    I hope she gets better soon!

  11. Hope the baby is feeling better. Poor little thing. I love that she still gets up to dance and play, even when she's not feeling well.

    Queen of the Computer. LOL!

  12. For having a sick kid sounds like you guys are having a blast. Hope she's feeling better by now.
    We're all sick over here too. Wish I could say we're doing the Cosby dance too but it's more like the "move gingerly so I don't puke again" dance.
    Hope this thing is just a 24 hour bug.