Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Well, I didn't get out on my own yesterday, but I had a lovely morning where my dh took care of breakfast and diapers and child-minding and I stayed in my room and scrapbooked! And then we went out together for the afternoon and did some shopping. It was so nice to just be with my husband, walk hand in hand and just talk.
At dinner time we took the kids to a neighbourhood restaurant that we had never visited before and had some pizza. It was a terrific place with very friendly people and the pizza was just like homemade. Yummy! The restaurant was in the same complex as taekwondo, so dh walked them to the dojang and we finished our dinner.
After supper I bought the kids all new jammies and they looked so sweet and cozy last night as they tried them on that I had to take a picture. ( I do have two other kids, but they are much harder to catch with the camera!) Frame by Vera Lim
I feel about 100% more relaxed today than I have in weeks, almost asleep relaxed... barely coherent... :)
Today we have our homeschooler Christmas get-together and the kids are having a crazy gift exchange so we need to make a trip to the dollar store this morning. I was also supposed to bake. I haven't. I will be making a trip to the grocery store for party treats I guess. Oh and I need to pick up a hostess gift. Ugh. I wish I was a bit more organized, oh well. I can barely work up the energy to get stressed. Too relaxed...
I will have to blog later when I have something more to say. Have a wonderful day!
Oh! Wait! I have to show you what I was working on yesterday! I am making a storybook on Heritage Makers with our software that is free for everyone to use as well as the awesome Scrapgirls digital scrapbooking elements that come with our Premier Membership. Check out what I made in one morning. I am so impressed with how easy everything is to use. I especially love how the scrapbook elements are organized, I just type in a search word and all the elements that match come right up! So quick! Oh, sorry about the red borders, those are just there to show me what part will not print. I can't wait to get a few hours to finish this album, especially to make my own custom covers. How cool is that?
edit: not sure what happened with my preview of the 'At the lake layout, the journaling seems to have moved to a weird place, it is supposed to be beside the large photo on the back ground paper. oops!


  1. Kristen, I am sooo doing January. My mantra at the moment: "In January, In January, In January". The pix look amazing.

    I'm so happy that your hubs is back and I could almost feel the relaxation oozing out of the screen. Good for you :)


  2. I'm still interested in this. I'm not where you are with the relaxed thing yet, but it's coming. Hubby stepping and "told" me that Monday was going to be the start of our Christmas break. I guess he thought I was too tense! I am soooo glad your hubby is home, that you had a morning to yourself, and that you are so relaxed. I hope you all had a good time at the homeschool party!

  3. So glad you had a good day and evening. These are great pages - good job. Take care. Kellan

  4. Nice to know you had a great day. And cool stuff that you had done there with the album!

  5. I'm so glad for you guys! It's so nice to get out just the two of you and to get shopping done! Awesome.

    Your scrapbooking is incredible. Do you have the pages printed out yourself or professionally?

  6. hey. I recognize some of those folks in your at the lake pics ;-) too cute!
    Can I steal them?! That was such a fun trip. We need to book again?

    Oh and I'm glad you had a relaxing day. I was so stressed yesterday after spending an hour and a bit in Winners with Amelia I had to have a drink.

    We we could see you this Christmas!

  7. Awww, now I'm inspired...I need to go on a date with my where did I put the babysitter's phone no.?

    You sound so happy, and I'm so glad!

  8. Sorry you didn't get out by yourself but sounds like you had an awesome day anyway. :)

    Your scrapbook pages look fantastic as always!

  9. Today is the last day of school before break. After that, I want to talk to you about digital scrap booking!

  10. it's amazing how just a little bit of time off does such wonders!