Saturday, December 22, 2007

The drive...

This started out as a post from my mobile, but now I am piggybacking a wireless signal. (shhh!!)

Yesterday afternoon:
We are on the highway to my Mom's for the holidays. We are singing fun Christmas songs and enjoying our family time. the kids are being amazingly well behaved with a minimum of potty breaks! woohoo! We have been driving for 4 hours and figured My Girly would really need a diaper change. She was dry! Daddy has her in the bathroom right now,yippee!
Oh! They are back, she did it! She pee peed on the potty! We just sang the song and I am all teary now!
Well she hasn't gone potty again in the last 24 hours, but no biggie, she will eventually:)
The kids were amazingly well behaved in the car, the trip went very smoothly I was just in awe of my terrific kids. We spent at least an hour singing Christmas songs together. My kids are scary good at the 12 days of Christmas. We are so glad to have arrived here and to be spending time with my family. Love them so much.
Hope all of your preparations are going well ant that you have an awesome Christmas.
Here are our traditional car photos.
Grumpy sleepy Girly

Monkey drawing Mommy on the window.
My boys amusing themselves. Look at all the stuff back there! We had a full roof rack too!
Mom and Dad rocking out during our sing-a-long



  1. Cute pictures - have a wonderful Holiday with your precious family. I will see you soon. Kellan

  2. Fun pictures! I got a laugh at you and the hubby rocking out!

    Merry Christmas to you and that beautiful family!

  3. Yeah, you and hubby rockin out are great! All of these pictures are great! I want to see your finished scrap pages of this Christmas.

    We always took long car ride trips for Christmas when we were young, since we lived in Texas and everyone else lived in Indiana and Ohio. But now we live in Indiana and I am so glad to be able to stay home. Packing all the gifts and food and clothes and stuff for the kids...But you have such a wonderful, upbeat positive attitude that makes me miss those days. This was fun to made me feel good! Hope you all have a great day with your family and I'm so glad the littles did so well with the trip! What a blessing!

  4. I hope our long car ride to my parents tomorrow goes that well! But today I have nowhere to go, nothing to cook, and I'm not cleaning up either....bliss!

  5. ha ha!
    Totally great pics! Love the rockin' parents:)

    Missed you this season. Hope you had a wonderful family time.

  6. Cute pictures! Hope you had a great Christmas.

  7. we did some rocking out like that ourselves :)