Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When lives collide

I was going to post about how well I am doing today with the sugar thing. I did great yesterday and today, other than absently eating a fruit loop from my son's breakfast dessert (I won't let them eat sugar cereal for breakfast, but since their dad bought fruit loops, I let them have a small bowl after a healthy breakfast). Right now however? I am totally craving sugar! I poured myself a cup of tea and immediately my mind did a mental inventory of my cupboards, looking for a treat.

But so far, so good.

After a fall of taking it easy, our schedule is becoming quite full all of a sudden. Both my hubby and I, seem to have simultaneously decided to get more involved at church. We have signed up for small groups, for a 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner' event, Karate at church for the kids (and maybe me?), a men's event, a Marriage Seminar, Youth Convention, and are making an effort to reach out a bit. The Karate is a trial. The boys would really like to go back to Tae Kwon Do, but we haven't figured out how to make it fit our new budget yet. Our church runs a Karate class once a week and at a very reasonable price, and it is the same night as the adult floor hockey night that Brent would like to attend. Superboy is quite excited to give this a whirl, his belly buddy also attends. (His mom is Brent's oldest friend and the boys were born on the same day.)

Our church seems to be attracting people from our past lives. A number of couples that Brent grew up with, now attend here. A few people we knew from college are also regulars. And more recently, people I knew growing up are attending. People I knew when I lived 800km away in another province! Last week I looked over to see a familiar face. No longer boyish and a tiny bit rounder, but one I knew. One I had once kissed. So weird. An old youth group friend and his beautiful wife and teensy, darling boy. It felt a bit weird to introduce our spouses and chat after um... 17 years?!? He was never my boyfriend, but as the only girl and boy our ages in the youth group, we did test the waters a little bit. So to speak.

It was a first for us. Brent had no previous girlfriends for me to meet and my dating experience took place mostly in junior high, and was sooooo junior high. So we had very little dating past to share with each other and an no real exes to introduce to each other. But after a second of awkwardness on my part, it was all good. Brent was inviting N out to some men's events and S and I were exchanging numbers. They recently moved to a near-by town and really like our church, so they will likely keep attending. I think I shall call up his wife next week and invite her to mom's morning out. Time for me to go back there anyway. And I would love a new friend.

Hey there dear internet friends, please say a prayer for Aunt Becky today, she is being induced and should have a darling baby girl to show off any time now.


  1. Oh what fun. World's colliding. I now live in the same town with my only serious boyfriend other than my husband. I'm very grateful that in two years I haven't run into him. When we first moved, I didn't even want to go to the grocery for fear of it. Awkward. So I looked him up in the phone book and mapquested his address. He's on the exact opposite side of town and we're not likely to see each other any time soon. *whew*

  2. keep us posted on the doctor bit. You're so much...more calm than me. I'd have popped off, "why don't you just TELL me what's wrong!???"

  3. At least your worlds are colliding with a soft bump and not a huge crash. And new friends are wonderful.

  4. Yea! for you. We got a little discouraged with our church last year. Hipefully this year will be better- and someday maybe I'll get a job where I dont have to work weekends!

  5. Keep us posted on your Aunt Becky. She is in my thoughts. (:

  6. Isn't it so weird seeing people you haven't seen in years and years. I always think they look so old and then I wonder if I look so old and it's just too weird for me.

  7. You are one super busy family! As long as you are loving it!!!

    And this, "we did test the waters a little bit"--it is weird when a piece of your past suddenly makes an appearance. It is like having your youth smack you in the face (and yes, at times, give you a hug).

    Weird. Most definitely.

  8. Kinda crazy seeing an old flame, isn't it?

    I hope the boys can do some karate again!