Sunday, January 04, 2009

Story time with Girly.

She pulled the invisible story book down from the invisible shelf and then read from her cute little hands, she was pretending that her hands were the book. "Daddy, you are the dragon. Mommy, you are the princess and I am the queen!"
She pretends to turn the page, "On this page it says, Once u'pot a time the fire dragon ate the prince! And on this page it says, The princess was very brave, she said to the fire dragon, "Don't swallow my prince!"
The dragon said, "grrrrr, I already did. Oops!"

There was another few stories, one of them involved poop, so I won't make you hear that one. Another series of stories was called, 'Wondrous in Wonderland.' I asked if she meant Alice in Wonderland, but nope, Wondrous in Wonderland.
She kept reading to us from her magical book until Monkey came out of the bathroom and told her that her stories were bad. Mean Monkey!

Speaking of Monkey boy, on the night of his birthday he said something that reminded me that he is still a little boy in spite of his five years and practiced cool. "Invisibible" He has always said invisible with that extra 'bib' and it never fails to make my heart melt. Love wee monkey speak!


  1. Awww!! I can't wait to sit down with the Queen and listen to her weave magnificent tales!

  2. Your Christmas sure looked sweet and you are keeping it close by paying attention to these tiny little moments.
    These are a really good reason to live aren't they???

  3. My ten year old girl still has some words that she pronounces

  4. I can just imagine her making up these wonderful stories.

    And our children and their is the charm.

  5. Awwwww, I love the imagination of little ones. "Don't swallow my prince". Just precious! Wonderful post!

  6. I love to listen/watch my girls play pretend. Suzie kept calling "Mom" the other night like she was lost or something. I answered her and she stopped, looked at me and said, "Im not calling you. Im calling 'Mom'."

    Oh well, than who the heck am I??