Monday, January 26, 2009

Sleeping Arrangements

We are almost finished the little boys room, painting is all done and now we just need to get the furniture in there. I have a couple pieces of art I want to order and a few that I am working on that need finishing.
Until now, Monkey and Girly have happily shared a room. Monkey has not shown any interest in sleeping in his own room. If he had, I think that room would have been done long ago. He is scared to change rooms, scared to sleep alone. As it stands, there is a double bed in there that my dad stays in twice a month on his way to and from work. It has been so convenient to have spare room!
Saturday night, Daddy convinced Monkey Boy to sleep in his new room. Girly wanted to sleep with him, but Daddy told her that Monkey had to say it was okay. Well Monkey acted pretty cool about it. "I guess she could have a sleepover with me. Maybe we could put a mattress on the floor for her, but if we can't... Well I guess she could sleep in my bed with me. I suppose it would be okay."
Well my two sweet littles, cuddled up in that bed together, put on the musical snow globe and went out like the lights. We kept peeking in on them and they would be cuddled up together, or holding hands. Cu-ute!
So yesterday Daddy and I were chatting about this and how hard it was going to be on both of them to separate. Monkey would probably be okay because baby Zed would sleep with him. But poor Girly was going to be all alone! We may just have to let them keep sharing.
So last night we tucked them in together, prayed, sang and wound up the snow globe. Within 5 minutes Monkey opened the door with a whiny complaint. "Girly keeps putting the snow globe on and she keeps turning on the light to do it! I can't sleep!"

Girly protested, "I just want to put on some soosin' moosic {soothing music}so we can sweep..."

Mommy, "Well you can't sleep if you keep getting up to turn on the light! Go to bed."

Girly, stalling now, "In a second, I just havta pee!"

Daddy tucked them back in bed and told Girly that if she couldn't sleep that she should get up and go to her own bed instead of bugging Monkey Boy.
4.5 minutes later, the door opened and a little voice called out, "I can't sweep. I am goin' to mine own bed."
And she did. And they both slept soundly all night long. Finally!


  1. YAY For you! nothing like getting some actual sleep!

    Our girls still sleep together half the time but Maddy has suddenly found she loves her bed (the top bunk) which has been there, empty waiting for her this whole time! YAY for sleeping!

  2. Sometimes they gotta just work it out on their own. Sweeties.

  3. I love that they came to that decision on their own. Of course, I'm sure there will still be a few sleepovers in the future. :)

    My boys still sleep together by choice even though they have their own rooms. I love it. I think it is very bonding for siblings to share that quiet time (or not so quiet time) before bed.

  4. I think it's awesome that they have choices. After a few short months of their sharing, Hubs gave up his office so the kids could have their own rooms. It made things a lot better, and now that Bad is bigger and sleeping on a mattress on the floor, every other week the Princess will decide to have a sleepover with him. And it is lovely.

  5. I ma TOO a real redhead! Dlyn, on the other hand ...