Friday, January 30, 2009

Girls, Girls, Girls

Thankfully this week has flown by, today is my doctor's appointment and now that my mind and google have filled me with trepidation, I get the real scoop.

The weather is crazy here, it snowed all morning yesterday and rained all afternoon. The roads are awful. I had to drive hubby to work this morning so I could make my appointment and it was fine until we got past the neighbouring city. There were 3 or 4 cars in the ditch in a 2 km stretch. As in, had just left the road and gone into the ditch, police on scene. Needless to say I was white knuckling it after I dropped off Brent. I hate winter highway driving in the dark!

The boys had a great time at Karate yesterday, they found the transition quite easy. Monkey would really like to go, but he is too young. So disappointed.
Baby Zed is miserable this morning, not sure what is up, right now he is sobbing in his sleep. So sad!
Girly has been hilarious lately. Every time I turn around, she has her shirt up and bear on her chest. "I'm bwest feedin' bear mommy!" She loves to nurse bear. The funniest is when we are out and she is wearing a dress and decides that bear needs a little somethin'-somethin'. She just yanks her dress up around her neck and nurses bear. Can you tell that she really relates to me? "We are the only girls, right mommy?" or "We love each other, right mommy?" or "You and me are just alike, right sister-mommy?" I guess we girls have to stick together!

Oh, Please keep Becky in your prayers. Her baby girl, Amelia, is here and doing well, but they received some scary news and are awaiting more test results today.


  1. I hope that the Dr. has information that will help.

  2. Oh! I hate it when little ones sob in their sleep. You feel so helpless.

    My sister and her best friend, when they were three and four and my baby brother was tiny, would tuck their teddy bears or dolls under their shirts and walk around with the doll or bear feet hanging out of the t-shirt. It's so adorable.

  3. lol- Girly nursing her bear. Cute!

  4. So sorry about baby Amelia...

    Your kids are cracking me up. Hope everyone is healthy over there...

  5. You have to get pictures of bear nursing. It will fly by , but the pictures will help her hold onto the memories forever.
    I was lousy with a camera, but our grown kids love the pics of them when they were little no matter my obvious lack of skills with the camera.
    Let us know about Aunt Becky and Amelia. Good vibes to them flying in from Vermont....

  6. A little somethin' somethin'...I LOVE it!

  7. I hope your doc visit went well. Keep us posted. And when you have a second, check out my blog, I'd love for you to be a part of my Valentine's Day segment.