Friday, January 23, 2009

Mommy? Are you ironing in there?

Thanks guys! Today will be the big test. We are going to some new friend's for dinner and I am bringing dessert and stuff. I make delicious desserts... I am going to want to eat this dessert... I am going to want to lick the batter from the spoon... But you know what? I don't think I will.
I am realizing how much sugar is hidden in our food! In salad dressings and such. I think I knew, but I never gave it much thought before.

So the other day, hubby and I realized that all the kids were occupied. Baby was sleeping, all 4 of the other's were in the basement playing a video game together and we were amazingly alone. We thought we might take advantage of that time and have some needed Mommy-Daddy time.
Within 5 minutes of locking the door, we heard Girly running up the stairs and then she was pounding on the door. "Mommy?! Daddy? Are you ironing in there?!"

So ironing is our new code word. Isn't parenting fun? I am not sure if we will ever get Mommy-Daddy time again. Apparently everyone has stopped sleeping here. This morning my hubby slipped away while I had 3 kids in my bed. Again. 3 little furnaces surrounding me from all directions.

These child interuptions are habitual around here. One time when I was very pregnant still, and we thought we might move things along, Monkey woke up looking for us. At a very crucial moment. He started to throw his body against the door, screaming for me. So much for my concentration. Dunzo.

{There is a story behind the ironing. A few weeks before this, I was ironing on the floor in the bedroom. I had unplugged the iron and then took Girly to the bathroom. I warned her about the iron and how hot it was and told her to stay out of that room. After I wiped her bottom and I was washing my hands, she slipped out and headed straight for the iron. She plugged it in and started to iron her blanket. By the time I was drying my hands, I heard her cry. She had, of course, touched the iron and burned herself. Now she has a fear of irons. }


  1. LOL!!!! Great story! Tell her "yes" ironing, stay OUT!

    It sounds like the two of you could use some more of that time...

  2. Ah....ironing... so that is what the kids are calling it today!!!!

  3. That is awesome, Kristin! :)

    Gotta love kiddos & those not so well timed interuptions. Ya never know what you will hear that they told their grandparents later on either... my oldest told my parents(I was mortified!!) that he thinks that sometimes Mom & Dad do "cardio-vascular exercises" in their room. Yeah.. my face is red as I am typing this, too!

    Parenting ROCKS!! :) (hopefully we won't scar our children too badly.. our revenge will come when they're all parents themselves & we hear things from their kiddos!)

  4. IRONING. Brilliant.

    And to have them fear it! Brilliant.

    Granted, that may be problematic later in life.

    Heck, you can always fill them in AFTER they walk down the aisle.


  5. Good luck getting the ironing in! LOL Great story!

  6. Good luck getting the ironing in! LOL Great story!

  7. Haha! This is great! :)

  8. That's so awesome that you're already, erm, IRONING so close after baby! ;)

  9. Hmm....I hope I get a chance to do some ironing again soon!

  10. Oh, so funny.

    Yes, it is funny what we as parents say & do to get our alone time (whether it's alone with Daddy, or just ALONE to sip coffee, watch TV, etc!)....

    Salad dressing: we like these "Salad Spritzers". They have a Ranch Vinaigrette. You use less salad dressing overall b/c the salad dressing in the spritzers is very thin & goes farther....

  11. Dang, that ironing thing is scary!

    but a good code word.

    Ours is "wrestling." Once, we looked up to see our 5 or 6 year old asking what Daddy was doing... Pat promptly started giving me a noogie on my head as I dove under the covers.

    Grand memories...

  12. isnt that always the way. as soon as you start ironing, the kids will come knocking

  13. too funny! there's been very little "ironing" at our house either. Why oh why will people not sleep?!

  14. Well, at least you have body heat to keep you warm this winter, right? ; )

    "Ironing!" That's funny!

  15. Ok, just tried to comment and computer froze. Please forgive me if there are 2 comments!
    That is very funny!! I love the code word.

  16. Ironing! Hahahaha! I love that. Sadly, there is little time for ironing when kids are around.