Monday, January 26, 2009

It's in the Blood

So I had some bloodwork done a couple of weeks ago. They tested my thyroid hormones, my fasting glucose and my iron. I had assumed that all was normal because I haven't heard anything. Well the office called today. She wants me to come in on Friday. ugh.
Now I have to wait all week to know what is wrong! I am sure it is not a big deal, but that won't stop my mind from running wild all week long...

I am sure my sugar is fine, I had it tested a couple of times while pregnant and it was fine. My iron was low post partum, so it is entirely possible that it is just that. It could also be my thyroid I guess, and that is very treatable. I do think it unlikely to be my thyroid, the doctor said it felt fine, no enlargement at all. So iron. It must be that.


In the interest of honesty and full disclosure, I am restarting my sugar fast. Tomorrow. The triple chocolate brownies and fieldberry tarts I made to take to dinner (that was rescheduled) proved too much for me. I cheated a little and then, in rebellion, I cheated a lot. And I liked it. A lot.

And I made a big mistake. As I was throwing my organic all-nut peanut and almond butters in my cart at Costco, I said yes to the Nutella my 11 year old asked for. (I should be forgiven for being weak, I did take 5 kids to Costco. On a weekend) Well I forgot how much I like Nutella, by the heaping spoonful, in all it's hazlenutty and chocolately goodness. Oh wait! What hazlenut? Ingredients 1 and 2 are SUGAR and modified fat (I think palm oil?), then hazlenuts. 11g of the white stuff per tablespoon! My question after reading that was, 'How on earth do you fit 11g of sugar in one tbsp of nut butter?!?'

I always knew it was dessert, not health food, but it is calling to me! Help! I don't usually put junk food in my cart. Or foods containing 'modified' fats, and now I have two jars of yummy torture sitting in my cupboard. I don't buy that stuff because if it isn't there, I can't eat it. It doesn't call out to me everytime I walk into the kitchen.

Unfortunately, my 11 year old has inherited my sweet tooth and I keep catching him with a spoonful of that yummy stuff, sneaking out of the kitchen as I try to sneak in.



  1. oh dear! I can not help! I'm on day two and all is still well BUT I have not been baking ... yet but cause I am also weak! So very very weak!
    My guilty pleasure is choc chips...and cake. I am finding the green tea is helping with the cravings. Can you have green tea while nursing? not sure!

    Good luck! there is always tomorrow and there's no shame in a few brownies :)

  2. Ha! How funny! You deserve a medal for taking 5 kids into the store, btw.

    Fingers crossed and prayers coming your way!

  3. She, the lover of chocolate chip pancakes, cowers in the corner of shame. Nutella? My husband can sniff the stuff out of any hiding place. LOL.

  4. My weakness is sweets too. I made an apple pie tonight and had to put it in the cupboard to stop eating it. I feel for you girl.

    I hope your doctor's visit goes fine. Let us know...

  5. Wow! I can barely manage taking 2 kids to the store!! And, nutella is EVIL! you can do this!!! (But, be easy on yourself -- you just had a baby!)

  6. I am a crazy one for Nutella! I first had it in Spain and I've been hooked ever since. My favorite is with strawberries. The fruit cancels the fat out, right?!

    Yes, I, too, have GOT to get this eating healthy down. Clothes that don't fit are absolutely frustrating right now. I suppose I should exercise, but it's so cold right now. Ah, my excuses!

  7. My doc checked my thyroid antibodies a couple of years ago and they were through the roof. The meds are cheap and not a big deal, but the results are great! Hope yours is something simple.

    I buy vanilla sugar wafers - those long, layered waffley looking cookeis - and eat them all myself over a couple of week's time. Mmm!

  8. Have you ever had a Nutella crepe? Oh my...just oh my.....
    I mean, well as long as it's in the house and everything.....

  9. My kids love Nutella (introduced to them by my parents, who never gave it to us as kids). I think it tastes like something I would put on a cupcake, but never a slice of toast!

  10. I have a weakness for nutella too. Hope your dr's appointment goes well.

  11. Would you stop talking about sugary, delicious things!! I haven't had a single starchy/sugary food in 12 days now and you are not helping matters! :)

    By the way, the idea that if you just abstain from starch/sugar long enough you will lose your craving for it is a load of hogwash as far as I am concerned. You may develop a better habit and find yourself more able to resist, but the fact is a chocolate chip cookie always sounds like the perfect thing to eat. Sigh... I miss sugar.

  12. I'm a sugar-aholic. Pie for breakfast is my addiction. I hope your DR appointment goes very well. Keep us posted.