Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Soccer for Monkeys

It was my Monkey boy's very first soccer game ever, last night. In the morning he was a bit nervous and not sure if he wanted to go. We spent the afternoon running around to buy shin pads, shorts and new shoes so by game time he was pretty stoked. Nervous but ready. He was practically vibrating by the time we got all his gear on and he ran out into the field with the other kids.

We had been told he would play U-4 (under 4) since his birthday is one day from the cut-off and it was his first year playing. When we got to the field, he was the smallest kid by far. He is pretty little for his age, but it was obvious that these kids were older. I guess they put him in the U-6 category instead, so I was a bit disappointed because I wanted him to have an opportunity to really excel rather than feel like he is playing catch-up the whole time. We may call and have him switched, but I am not sure. He didn't seem to have any trouble keeping up with the kids, though he was disorientated at times, not sure where he was supposed to be or what he should do. We realized that he has no idea how to stand in line! After it was his turn, he just rejoined at the beginning of the line. Oops!

I have to say that it was one of the most fun evenings I have spent in a while. He was just so excited and enthusiastic, his exuberance was totally catching. We laughed and cheered and smiled, he kept stopping to look at us and give us the thumbs up. By the end all the parents were giggling at his antics.

His big brothers were almost as excited as he was, which was pretty special. Brent's mom and aunt came to watch too, so Monkey had quite the cheering section.

When he got home last night, it was well after bed-time. He was exhausted and said, "That's it, I quit soccer, I am going to bed." I am not sure if he thought he had to be a soccer player 24-7 or what. This morning, his soccer-mania had not abated. He was up at dawn, dressed himself in his total gear and was out the back door with Girly's pink soccer ball to practice. We were all still in bed, thankfully I heard him open the door! He spent the day in his uniform, complete with shin pads.

I think he kind of liked soccer.
Here he is, leading the pack. (I blurred the other kids faces)

Waiting for drills.

Thumbs UP!

Grandma and Auntie.


  1. Oh, he is the cutest! I LOVE little ones playing soccer. They are so cute in their little herd chasing that ball around.

  2. Looks like he enjoyed himself. So did the grandma and auntie for this outing. :)

  3. I'm dieing of cuteness!!!

    AND I have pictures of Isaac exactly like this, at exactly this age. SO FUN!

    YAY little Juju! We're proud of you!

  4. go monkey go! (just a coincidence that my son just told me that we are monkey's and all i can say is ooh, ooh, aah, aah)

  5. I'm so glad he loved it and had such a good time - you too!

    Cute pictures! Have a good day - Kellan

  6. Could he possibly be ANY cuter or prouder? And look at his grannies, all excited and proud, too!

    A huge moment, Kristen. You'll be so glad you have this pictures in 20 years. Thanks for sharing!


  7. I was never a sports person, until I got kid athletes that is. We went to all of it and I spent many happy hours cheering at soccer and basketball and softball. They gave me hours of pleasure. You are in for it now kiddo...Happy Mama's Day

  8. He looks like such a natural tough guy!

  9. So cute!! My dad is a soccer coach, so he and my mom started me early. I was the youngest by far on my first team. We were the league champions for our little division, but not because of me. I spent most of the games pulling my pigtails, picking the dandelions and running in circles. Looks like he already has a much better grasp of the sport than I did!

  10. What a cutie he is. I remember Josh and Caleb playing soccer at that age. It was like a swarm of kids chasing a ball