Monday, May 19, 2008

First Soccer game Layouts

I have new layouts up on Immortality Art again. I had to scrap the photos from Monkey Boy's first soccer game.
Remember, if you can't see that blog, just email me for an invite. I have it private so that I feel comfy showing my kids faces etc.
I hope you come over and see, they turned out really cute!

The journaling from the soccer layout says:
Monkey Boy has spent a large portion of the last 4 years of his life, watching his 2 big brothers playing sports. He has been bundled up and dragged to 6am hockey games many a Saturday. For a kid who likes nothing more than to stay at home with Mom, the constant running around has often been hard on him.
So I was so excited this spring to be able to register him for his own sport. Soccer! His big brothers, whom he idolizes, would come and watch him play for a change.
He was initially excited, but usually when someone asked him about it, he would be noncommittal. I think he was really nervous about playing. It was completely new to him and there would be strangers there.
We took him shopping on Monday afternoon for ‘gear’. Well by the time we made the first purchase, shin pads, he was getting really excited. We had to go to a few different stores to find everything before eventually hitting the soccer place that Daddy wanted to go to originally to find shorts in Monkey’s size. By the time Monkey Boy tried on those shorts, and had his new water bottle in hand, he was totally ready to go to soccer. He felt like a superstar already.
I think B and R were as excited as Monkey. They ran onto the field with him to find his team, then as Daddy put Monkey’s gear on, the boys hovered expectantly. When that last shoe was finally tied, they raced with him to the field.
I love the shot of him standing, holding the ball, waiting expectantly for his coach’s instructions. He was so ready for this step. He was definitely the smallest kid on the field, we were a bit worried about it, since his birthday is the last day of the year, making him much younger than many of the kids. The only real difficulty we witnessed made us laugh. The kids were all standing in line to practice kicking the ball. Monkey Boy took his turn and then didn’t know what to do. He went and got back in the front of the line. We realized that he didn’t know how to stand in line! He hasn’t been to school and has not learned that very important school lesson.
When it came time for them to play their game, Monkey was in there like a dirty shirt. He occasionally stood there trying to figure out where he should be and what he should be doing, but for the most part he was running with the gaggle of kids in pursuit of the ball. Every couple of minutes he would stand still, look at Mom and Dad and give us a thumbs-up, complete with huge grin. By the second or third time, all the parents were giggling at his cuteness.
By 7:30pm when the game was over, he was exhausted, but happy. He LOVED soccer! By the time we got home at 8pm, he wanted to quit soccer. Poor kid, so tired and the big brothers kept reminding him that his team was called the Butterflies. A girly name that he hates.
All in all, soccer was a huge hit, and I was so happy with how his big brothers were so supportive and excited to be there watching Monkey Boy for a change. And Mommy and Daddy had the most fun they have had in ages, I took almost 200 photos.


  1. This one belongs in the baby book. I was never a sports fan until I had these athletic kids. Where did they come from I wondered. But my whole life I will carry the memories of thousands of hours of pleasure yelling and cheering from the stands or the bleachers.
    This will be a time of your life that will last in a million different ways....

  2. It's so exciting to have them grow up into those activities!

  3. go monkey boy! i'll be emailing you for immortality art, and you have to stop by moy blog ( again) great post about tourturing my hubby titled revenge!

  4. So much fun! I'm glad he had such a great time and that his big brothers were so excited for him.

  5. Yeah for Monkey boy!! That must be so exciting and fulfilling to see him take that step - when he is ready. Loved your descriptions!