Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Monkey story

My Monkey boy (4) was reading a Baby Einstein Shape book to his little sister tonight. This is the story he told.

Once upon a time there was a princess and she wanted to get married. The prince did not want to get married. The princess asked the prince if he would marry her and he said, "No."
A little while later the princess asked the prince again. This time he said that yes, he would like to get married to her.
So they got married and after the wedding the prince danced all day and all night long. The princess danced all day, but at bedtime she went to bed and slept all night long.
In the morning the princess got up and got dressed and she danced with the prince all day.
They got very hungry so they stopped and had some food. They ate tons of candy, sandwiches, ice cream and cheese. (food on the triangle page of the book) Then they played some games like checkers (square page) and then went out to play sports. (the last page has a baseball diamond)
They lived happily every after.

I had to laugh at this story from my little guy because we were playing at a friend's today and the little girl was dressed in a bride costume. We asked Monkey if he was going to marry her and he said a very straight NO. Then he said, "When I am five. Then I can get married."
Gosh, I sure hope not!


  1. Yes, let's hope he at least waits until he is 6 or 7 to get married. :)

    Very good story though. I am really glad the prince and princess stopped to eat. That is royalty I could get behind!

  2. Well, I guess it is good that he has a plan.

    He clearly pays attention to detail!

  3. He is so imaginative, Kristen. What a great story! I bet his little sister was enthralled, and went to sleep dreaming of dancing and cheese before baseball :)


  4. That is so cute! Kids are the best

  5. It's great your writing these stories down--I wish I had a blog when the kids were little.

    I do remember that in kindergarten my youngest daughter had a friend/boy who would whisper to hear every day in line "Remember, I'm going to marry you when we're grown-ups."

  6. What a cute story. I love the things that are important to 4 year olds, dancing, eating candy..

  7. Just adorable. So incredibly sweet!

  8. I love their sweet stories...

  9. tell him that he should at least wait until he gets a know, so he can go to the store & buy her stuff.

  10. I think he should consider waiting until he has a paper route so he can buy them candy and soda pop....

  11. I think that story is really cute. I love to hear about how little kids think about marriage and relationships!

    TTYS - Sniz

  12. He has quite an imagination. I love his version of the story!

  13. I haven't read anyone's blog in ages....I'm sure glad I picked yours to catch up on first, because that story made me laugh out loud for the first time all day. Thanks!