Thursday, April 03, 2008

What was lost, is found.

Okay, today I feel like I have officially arrived as a blogger. You all tagged me 'MMM' in your comments! I felt so honoured, like I got to sit with the cool kids for the day. I have a cool nickname! Woohoo!

And I knew I could count on you all to talk some sense into me. I know better than to google. I really do. But I do have to say that educating myself makes me feel more in control or something. I like to know all the possibilities, but then I have to make myself focus on the positive.

A big woohoo also goes to my husband. He found bear today. Unfortunately it was after nap time (which she wouldn't take). Bear was in the refrigerator, hiding in the crisper, thankfully he was not on his way to the lake Shay! We didn't find her because both the 5 lb bag of apples and the strawberries I bought yesterday never made it that far.
So although she was totally miserable at bed time, Girly actually settled right down and went right to sleep. Thank you God!

Cool Monkey boy news! He read a book today, all by himself and was so very proud. The book was called Yo! Yes? by Chris Raschka. Mama is proud too.

What a glorious walk we had today, soaking in the sun. Monkey rode his bike and even Daddy came. It is funny, I have been feeling so tired and sometimes weak while in the house. But as soon as I am outside I feel like running and jumping and my tired goes away. I am so thankful for warmer weather, melting snow and sunshine. Spring!


  1. A hungry bear? That's a first!


  2. I'm the same way about being outside. The sun does wonders for a person's mood.

    I'm glad the bear was found. Hopefully today you'll have a better nap time!

    And congrats to the reader! Finishing a book by himself is a big deal, and definitely something to be proud of!

  3. So glad you found bear!! And what a fun hiding place that little bear found.
    Sounds like you guys are having an excellent spring break!

  4. I think the sun is better than any medicine.

  5. I'm thinking that I'll have made it as a blogger when I get my first blog troll.

    Oh, I am SO waiting for a troll. All kinds of torture await my troll.

  6. Cute story about the bear! So glad it is warming up for you to be able to take some walks! Have a good afternoon - see ya - Kellan

  7. Of course the bear was in the crisper! Why wouldn't you look there first?! Silly mommy! Silly me for thinking he'd made a break for the lake (that was only me projecting I guess!)

    I'm so glad to see the sun too. There's nothing like feeling that spring is on it's way!

    Big high five to Juju!

  8. ya know, i was going to suggest the veggie crisper.


  9. I know what you mean about the soon as I feel the sun shining on me it's like I'm a different person. I've been curling up in the sunny spot by the window in Bad's room whenever I can - like a cat!

    Glad you found the bear! It never ceases to amaze me where their toys end up! I'm lucky that the Princess has never had one special guy, she rotates her affections...though for a few months it was socks that she loved and I felt distinctly unsettled whilst packing 4 or 5 pairs of rolled up socks for her to take to sleep with at daycare!

  10. MMM--you are so awesome.

    I love Yo! Yes? Congrats to Monkey Boy!!! Yippee!!!

  11. in the crisper?? Priceless! lol.

    My littlest lost her last and final passy this week. We have been 3 nights without it and so far, so good.
    Now on to a diaper free child!