Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Monkey and my birthday

No, I haven't found bear yet and they both kept getting up and she took off her diaper and they needed to pee, like eighty time and i am feeling a bit frazzled and at nap today she didn't sleep she just took off the diaper she begged me to put on her for nap and she ripped it up into dozens of pieces and then peed in her bed.

So the other day, I mentioned to Monkey Boy that it was my birthday in two weeks. So he started talking about having a party for me, a surprise party. And making a cake. (which he and his brothers did last year) and then he remembered. Presents! "I have to get you a present Mom!"
I told him that I would love it if he drew me a picture, those are my favourite presents ever!
"I know Mom, we can get you some bras! In your size!"
Boy does he pay attention. Every time I get dressed, I have been complaining to my dh that all my bras are too small or broken now. And all my clothes are too tight or my shirts are short. I really need some maternity clothes!
So I guess my little Monkey is really attentive to his Mama. He had to repeat that again yesterday at dinner. He told my Dad that I needed bras for my birthday. After I opened my hard drive. Nice.:)
I kinda hope they do get me some bras, at least a gift certificate to a really good lingerie store so I can go find something...

Oh and can you guys remind me to stay away from the google! I had to look up the low-lying placenta thing. ugh. placental separation, hemorrhage, premature labour, bed rest, cesareans....
I did not need to go read all of that! But I am fine, I realize that 90% of the time the placenta moves up with the uterus. Everything should be fine. I am trusting that it will be. I. am. fine. really.


  1. STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE! Seriously, MMM, it will make you CRAZY to read up on low lying placentas. I actually have 3 friends who had that and there were no issues, other than some spotting with one of them. All had healthy babies. You are fine and apparently well endowed! ;)

  2. Seriously, like the first commenter also MUST stay away from google. I am speaking from experience.

    Also speaking from experience, I had a low lying placenta with B boy and it was fine. What happened was exactly as you described. As the uterus expanded, the placenta moved up, up, and away. Do not worry.

    But definitely get some bras that fit. There's nothing more depressing than pinching or uncomfortable bras.

    Have a lovely day, Kristen.


    PS: And thanks for your very sweet email. While I am a little surprised my bear-finding vibes didn't work (heh), one of my favourite pastimes is checking in with you and your kidlets. They are always up to something, it seems :)

  3. oh man i can't believe the bear is still fun!!

    hope ya get a new bra or two for your


    oh and YES stay away from google, not good!

  4. A bra! What a lovely gift for a birthday...very thoughtful :)!

  5. Google is Bad, MMM, very very bad. OH - and I had that low-lying placenta thing with Bad, and it moved up on its own, and look how well he turned out! I hope you get the bras you need - lingerie is a great gift! And go buy yourself some nice maternity clothes too, you deserve them and you really will feel better.

    I'm thinking of you - and all my bloggy friends....All is good here, just crazy busy and I just never seem to have enough time to write in my own blog, let alone visit everybody! Plus Hubs hogs the computer after the kids are in bed....I really need me a laptop....xoxo Badness

  6. My sister had her placenta covering the cervix in the beginning, and it moved all the way up by delivery. I'm sure your's will do the same thing.

    I just bought new bra's, after 2 years of wearing broken, stretched out ones. They make such a difference!

  7. I always need new bras. That is the absolute last thing that I have on my priority list for buying. Right now I have one that I like and it is the only one that I wear and wash frequently. Sad, but true.

    Thanks for stopping by my place :)

  8. That's so funny about the bras! Very attentive little ones!
    My sister-in-law had the low placenta in her first trimester as well, and it moved up. Google can be such a scary thing sometimes.
    I'm sorry naptime was so difficult, although it did seem kind of funny.

  9. What a little sweet heart you have there. Happy Birthday and I hope you get you some new bras and get you some new maternity clothes so you feel cute and comfy during this special pregnancy!!!! I hope and pray you are okay - stay away from Google -seriously!

    Take care - Kellan

  10. Yeah, Kristen. Stay away from Google! You don't need that kind of pressure and worry!

    I'm so excited about you feeling the baby move. That was one of my favorite parts about being pregnant!

    I hope you get some bras soon!

  11. Little boys do love their mamas. Aren't we lucky?

  12. Seriously - stay away from google girl, you'll just get yourself worried.

    If it makes you feel better though, I had low lying placenta until about 27 weeks and then it moved up on it's own before I had Gracie. Have a wonderful day!

    P.S. I hope you get some nice new bras (or a gift certificate to go shopping) for your birthday! :-)

  13. What a sweet guy. That attention to detail will make him a fine husband someday!!

    I am currently down to ONE suitable bra. Can I afford to buy more? Yes, I suppose. Do I hate spending money on that sort of thing? YES! Maybe I need to start complaining out loud about my bra shortage...

  14. good luck finding some new bras.

    sorry you've googled your brains out about the placenta thing. I do that too! and then I worry myself to death over things...
    hoping it moves*closing my eyes & willing it to move*praying for it to move!

  15. Google helps nothing at all, aside from freaking you the heck out. STAY AWAY, MMM.

    And yeah, I know what you mean about new bras. I need 'em too (and no, I am not pregnant).

  16. back away from the google! It will only make you crazy.

    Maybe Bear started the holiday early but needs to walk so had to get a move on?! lol

    Oh and how sweet and wonderful is Juju?!

  17. MB is one attentive little guy!!! Hey, are b-days are really close (mine is the 5th, my sis--a blogger as well--is the 24th, our other sis--the baby, is the 12th!).

  18. LOL, that is too funny about the bras. Your little fellow is going to make some girl a great husband.