Monday, April 07, 2008

A New Week

The new week has already brought blessings to our family and though the coming weeks hold many difficult decisions, I know that we will be okay. God is looking out for us. Thank you all for your prayers and encouraging words, I need them more than you know. I thought that I should let you know that we are all healthy, including baby. Our struggles are more on the business, financial and personal/interpersonal growth side of things.

I was thinking last week about all the changes that children bring to our lives. Including the words that come out of our mouths. Some words I never thought I would string together: "Girly, you're gonna need more than panties and fancy shoes!"
She wanted to go outside and play so she had grabbed her purple, princess shoes and was begging me to put them on her as she stood before me in just her panties. It was cold and miserable out. Funny girl.
Later that day I said, "Why are you copping a squat in my shower?!" There she was, squatting in my shower, having a poop. She had peed in the potty and then moved to the shower stall, shut the door and done her thing. I am not sure if she got scared to poo or what.
On Saturday we took them to a birthday party for a good friend. They had a grand time and Girly had no trouble keeping up with all the bigger kids and the games. Girly wore a little purple tutu and a t-shirt that said 'Tiaras make you taller.' She looked adorable as usual, but was not dressed for outdoor play. It had snowed all night and we had a good couple of inches on the ground even though it had been melting most of the day.
When we got home, after she had spilled hot chocolate all down herself while I stopped in to get some maternity clothes, she really wanted to play outdoors. We told her to come in and get changed and put on her boots and ski pants. Well, she took off in her little tutu and shoes, wading deep into the snow. She must have run around out there for half an hour before we coaxed her inside. She took off her coat and laid in the snow to make snow angels, rode bikes in the slush, and threw snow at her brothers who were trying to get her to come in. Eventually we gave up and tried to get some pictures before she got cold and brought her tushy back inside.
She is one tough Arctic Princess!


  1. I'm sorry, but the copping a squat in the shower is gross, but kids do gross things and don't even know it sometimes! Like our youngest going diarrhea in our whirlpool tub while the jets were on.

    Your girlie is cute.

  2. I say things all the time that I never imagined I'd be saying...I'm not even touching the shower poop - gross. Just gross!

    Was the birthday fun? I say Y's pics and your girlie stood out in her tutu . So cute!

    You have snow?! WHAT?!

  3. Little girls and their dressy clothes crack me up. Corinne has worn a princess or fairy costume to pick her brothers up from school, many a time!

    Hope the personal stuff works out sooner rather than later for you guys... Sending you love.

  4. I don't know how kids stand the cold like that - but, they love playing in the snow.

    Take care - Kellan

  5. She sounds like such a little cutie! Language definitely changes after kids. Bob and I spend several minutes each day discussing poo diapers. I'm sure Little Elvis will be so proud to hear that in a few years.

  6. My youngest hates to wear a coat - even in a howling snowstorm she will insist that her sweatshirt is more than enough.

  7. I agree, children make us create strange sentences. stringing words together that would normally sound, well, weird

    And I didn't laugh at the cop a squat story (snicker, giggle giggle)

  8. I think I'm in love with Girly.
    I'm definitely needing a t-shirt for myself that reads, "Tiaras make you taller!"
    Playing in the snow in a tutu...fancy shoes & panties....
    I need a little girl just like GIRLY!

    And yes, just this weekend I was telling Hubby, "Bet you never thought you'd be saying that!" It was one of those things that when taken out of context was just so random & funny. I can't remember now exactly what it was....but your post made me think back to the situation!


  9. Oh, to be so young and carefree!

  10. When I was a kid I'd run around in a bathing suit in the middle of winter and not feel cold. Now I'm always cold unless it's 80 degrees. Kids are so free.

  11. I'm thinking Girly has some viking blood running through her veins :)


  12. Dude, she's my kind of chick all right.

  13. That girly of yours is just adorable. The coping a squat in the shower is hilarious...and I hope it never happens at my house!