Wednesday, April 09, 2008

So my husband is working nights this month. I have been trying to keep the kids quiet, but we all know how well that goes over. Both yesterday and today, Girly has spent at least an hour screaming. Today, Daddy was smart and put in his ear plugs right away.

We have been refocusing on our academics here at the Mighty home school and I am re-engaging with the boys. Yesterday we spent the day housecleaning and organizing their books, today we have managed to get more book work done in 2 hours than in eight, any day of the last month. I have learned that I can`t spend my mornings blogging if I want my kids to actually do anything. Strange, hey?

In response to our renewed commitment to academics, the littles have chosen to spend their mornings running, screaming, crying, jumping on us and throwing things at us. It can be a little difficult to concentrate. Girly sat on my lap and cried all the way through our Latin recitation. fun. Now she is trying to erase a Bible, while pretending to be a sumo wrestler in her brother's sparring gear.

I may be back with a real post later, if we ever get through this day.

Oh! Blogger is making me crazy, I can only get html view in my creating posts area, I can't upload photos (haven't been able to for weeks), and my blog reader is not working. It is completely blank! I have been freaking out. So if I don't get to visit you today (tonight) that is why. Talk at y'all later.


  1. I've been reading about other bloggers who have problems with Blogger not working right. So far, so good. Knock on wood. I usually just get "Explorer cannot open" or something like that, but that probably has to do with computer connection than Blogger.

  2. Sounds like you are getting a lot done, even with the little ones in the midst. I give you a lot of credit for homeschooling - I could never do it - good for you. Take care - Kellan

  3. I had the HTML issue a few months ago (maybe a year at this point). My husband had to figure it out for me and he can't remember what we did. We had to go to the help section a couple of times and I think we ended up going into the setting or template, clicking the always show in html, publishing, then going back and unclicking that and republishing. I'm sorry I'm not more helpful. My memory's been spotty since I got pregnant, and it's always been spotty with anything I deem remotely technical.

  4. Dude, I'm always so amazed by how sane you stay. Good work, MMM.

  5. Hey, that happened to me once in my compose box. Turns out I was in HTML mode and not compose mode. (You know those little tabs at the top?) I never pay attention to those.

    Hey, MMM, a day of homeschooling wouldn't be complete without a Bible-erasing sumo wrestler! :-) HAHA. I crack myself up. Glad you're focusing more on academics. I discovered that I can't get on the computer in the mornings if I want our day to go well. That lasted for a little over a month, and we got a lot of stuff done. But here it is early in the AM. I should be waking the kiddos up, but instead I am blogging. Sigh. My weak flesh. Arggg.

  6. Good going at the Mighty homeschool! Despite the little'uns attempting to challenge. Keep it up!!! :)

    Blogger drives me crazy, too. The picture upload in particular seems rather sensitive, and I hate the spacing problems. But I am hanging in there for now, hoping they'll resolve it.
    For both of us!

    Hugs - Heidi

  7. That must be rough with the hubby working nights, hope you guys are coping ok.
    Oh those littles, don't they just know when you're trying to get something done. And they just have to get in there and make all that cute trouble?

  8. My hubby has worked nights for almost 10 years. He's learned to sleep through the screaming!

  9. Oh I feel for ya. There is nothing worse than trying to keep kids quiet while a loved one sleeps.