Monday, March 10, 2008

Tidbits from Mama's Day

My Girly is a bit annoyed with her dad, he keeps trying to put her back in her bed for a nap. She just put a pirate hat on him, handed him a sword and said, "You're a pirate. Have a good trip pirate!" She was trying to get rid of him. He wasn't all that cooperative. "Get on your own ship and go for a trip" Daddy still wasn't taking the hint.
"You, Girly Pirate, are going in your crib-ship and taking a nap. arrr."
She is now screaming from said ship, "I don't like you Daddy Pirate!"
Maybe if we are lucky, she will scream til she is tired and sail away to dreamland.
Nope, no sleeping. Just spitting milk all over herself and her bed. For fun. And the occasional screeching.

3:30pm We are stellar parents.
My dh said we had to take a photo and post this so that everyone would know how Canadian we are. Yep, there are our preschoolers, riding their bikes in the snow in their short-sleeves. It was over 55 degrees F out there! Positively balmy! and I did put their coats on after the photo op. and yes, Girly did pick out her own outfit. with the help of her dad.
I have to add that as a true Canadian, I grew up in the frozen far north, where we literally had 2 months of summer. And by summer I mean that the temperatures were sometimes in the high teens to low twenties Celsius (think 65 to 70 Fahrenheit). And it only snowed maybe 2 or 3 days of that.
We were not allowed to run through the sprinkler or go in the little pool unless the temperature hit 20 degrees (70 F). Brr.! I can not imagine, as an adult, even being remotely tempted by the water at 20 degrees. I remember my Mom boiling water in big pots to add to the kiddy pool so that we didn't end up with hypothermia. Good Mom!

Girly was indulging in some attention-seeking behavior at dinner today. This involved gargling chocolate milk so it would spill out of her mouth; spitting food, throwing things at mommy, screaming...
We made a concerted effort to listen to her talk and give positive reinforcement for more positive behavior. There are a lot of people vying for our attention at the dinner table and it can be easy for someone to get left out. Though, she is pretty hard to ignore and not likely to let herself be left out of anything!
While her brother was telling me a story, she decided that she had something to say. I told her quietly that I would listen to her in a minute, not to interrupt her brother. So then she starts in. "Shh. Shhhh. SH SUPERBOY! SHHOOOOOOOOSH!!!!"
Yeah, she is not likely to get lost in the shuffle.


  1. Well, we're not Canadian, but in Northern Illinois. Yes, we have true summers, but I hear you on the 50 degrees in winter. All coats come off and people are driving with windows down! Feels AWESOME. I always comment about how people in Florida would be turning on their heat when we are throwing open our windows...

  2. It's SO nice that the kids can outside mine have been out and about in their rubber boots exploring all the winter neglected adventure spots. Noah's been making puddle pies he calls them. Makes for more laundry but I'm willing to do that as long as they are getting fresh air and sunshine. VERY cute pictures and I loved the zoo pictures too, sounds like a great day.

  3. Love it!

    When vacationing in the southern US in non-summer months, people always guessed we were Canadians as we were the only ones without coats and in the water!!!

    Where did you grow up??

  4. Wah! I want to go outside without a coat! It's supposed to be WARMER in my part of Canada than yours!

    and what I wouldn't give for children that behaved at meals and went to sleep quietly.....sigh.

  5. Your girly sounds so funny! I understand about the nap fighting, and think that when Little Elvis will be able to reason with us, naps will get even harder. But maybe he'll be as funny, and we can chuckle while he fights us on the naps.

  6. Such a cute post! I loved the pirate episode - too sweet. And seeing them outside with short-sleeves on, in clothes she picked out with daddy's help, riding bikes in the snow - definitely made me realize I am not such a crazy mom after all!

    Have a good Wednesday and I'll see you soon.

  7. I am so dreading that "attention seeking behavior" thing. It is so strange that I am so eager for him to talk and yet I know that there will be one day when I will pray for him to just . . . well, stop talking. I get downright giddy when he is all active, jumping, climbing, crawling, rolling, reaching, grabbing. And to think, one day I will pray that he will just sit still. Oh, parenthood.

    As a native Michigander, I so hear you about 55 being downright balmy. Heck, we used to go to classes in shorts and Ts the minute it hit 50!

  8. ha ha. I love those shots! I'm pretty Canadian myself but I find I have to bundle up. the kids, are a different story. How can they be out in bare arms and sometimes feet (I know I win the great mom prize) when there's a teeny bit of frost on the ground? BRRRRRRRR!

    Oh and you are in TROUBLE!! I have 2 such girlies and they try (and succeed many times to run my life lol)

  9. I live outside of Chicago, where 55 sounds mighty balmy right now. Damn winters!

  10. I love the picture. Snow and t-shirts! That's too much!

  11. Gosh, kinda sounds like my house. And aint it amazing how 55 can feel like summer... but the first 55 afternoon of autum feels like a deep freeze.

  12. Oh, I don't think I'd make it in Canada. I cannot imagine how cold it gets. And yes, I noticed the short sleeves and snow right away.

    Love the pirate story! She is too cute!

  13. It's weird to see them outside with T-shirts on with deep snow all around them!

  14. That Girly of yours is a cheaty little monkey, isn't she!!!!! So cute!