Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I wish...

It has been a while since I have felt like writing, opening my computer has felt like a chore and my head hurts as soon as I do. Today I figured I had better just write something, anything.

This morning my Dad was on his way out the door to go back home and he was talking with the kids about flying on an airplane to and from work. Girly pipes in, "I wish I could fly in an airplane!" So I told her that she would, someday. She said, "I wish I could fly a PINK airplane! I would take you all with me in my pink airplane." That girl likes pink more than Barbie.
She is really into 'I wish ...' She must say it 5o times a day. A couple of days ago she was pointing at my breasts and saying, "Those yours bras." I explained that no, those were my breasts. "Oh, yours breasts," and she kind of pats them and then pats her own little chest. I told her that when she was a woman, she would have bigger breasts like Mommy and that she could even nurse a baby with them.
"I wish...I wish...I wish that I was a mommy." She looks down at her flat chest as she pats my significantly larger one. "I wish I am a mommy and I have a baby. I wish I had a PINK baby!" I am still trying to figure out what she meant by a pink baby, if she wants a girl baby or if she wants a literally pink baby? Not too sure.
Today my girly is flippin' miserable. She was fine all day until she went down for a nap, when I got her up she started whining. She hasn't stopped yet. She says that her tummy is sick and that her leg hurts. She is mostly laying lethargically with a completely pathetic look on her face and a pouty lip, while continually whimpering. I am kinda thinking that she may have a touch of the flu, poor girly.
Dh and I and the 2 big kids went to the dentist and that caused more whining because Monkey Boy wanted to see the dentist and get a toy as well. Other than that, the dentist thing went well, the littles were super well behaved in the waiting room for almost 2 hours. I had no cavities! A big deal for me as I have naturally very thin enamel and very deep crevices on my chewing surfaces. But, I have exceptionally clean teeth. And yes, I am proud;)
Superboy also was cavity free and apparently does a good job cleaning his teeth. Not what I wanted them to tell him. That kid never brushes. ever. I have to ask him about ten times each evening before he will even put paste on his brush . I guess he has great teeth. Lucky kid. The Boy had one cavity and a referral to the orthodontist. Now that he is 13 he finally has almost all of his teeth, except one baby eye tooth that won't fall out because there is no room for it. His wisdom teeth are also growing right into his back teeth. Nice. We are gonna make that ortho much richer.
I wish I was an orthodontist. Maybe I could have spent less time having babies and more time going to school? Ah heck, I like the little twerps, even their crooked teeth.

Oh Yvonne! Thanks so much for dropping in this morning, loved seeing you. Sorry I was kinda sleepy and out of it. I think I have pregnancy brain and it has robbed me of the ability to make intelligent conversation. As is evidenced here on my blog. Yikes! And I am really hoping for your sake that Girly does not have the flu. I would hate to have passed on those germs!


  1. Yeah, my daughter that always forgets to brush her teeth has never had a cavity, while my 14 year old has several everytime he goes because his crevices are so deep. It just doesn't seem right! Good to hear from you!

  2. Alexis is six and she still loves all things pink and would love to fly on a pink plane - so cute!

    I hope your little one doesn't have the flu - poor baby.

    Take care of yourself and I'll see you soon. Kellan

  3. Pink airplanes and pink babies. Gotta love little girls!

  4. LOL. My 3 year old is very observant about the 'breast' and bra issue. She cracks me up

  5. Olivia keeps calling my breasts "bras" too! I'm so glad your dentist appt. went well.....!

  6. The "I wish" game sounds fun and sweet, but I'm sorry that she might have the flu. Congrats on the great dentist appointment!

  7. I am 27 and still into pink. I'd bet I'd give your daughter a run for her money.

  8. Girly is so cute. I loved pink at that age too. And then purple and then teal. Pink is always first though, I wonder why?