Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter! (warning graphic grossness)

I hope that you are all having a lovely day with your families.

We, in the Mighty household, have been engaging in some family bonding. Since 2 or 3 am. Poor little Monkey boy woke up screaming, "I'm puking!" And he was, all over his floor. I wiped him up and tucked him into my bed, while daddy got Girly, who was now screaming from her bed too. (They share a room.) The four of us tucked in, hoping his puking was just from coughing. We have all had colds again this week and he has a particularly bad cough. No such luck. Every fifteen minutes or so he would sit bolt upright, "I am puking!" and after the first time I managed to get the bucket under his chin in time and would comfort him as he sobbed and puked. Wipe him up, give him a sip of water and tuck back in.

Girly thought it was a party and would sit up and talk to us. Finally, during one bad bout and Girly screaming because she was now frightened, Daddy finally went and cleaned up the puke in the nursery and put her back to bed. She cried for all of 47 seconds and then she went back to sleep.

My poor baby boy, at about 7 this morning the mouth sick was joined by the bowel sick and he is truly miserable. There is nothing left in his belly but acid and blood from his nose that bleeds every time he pukes or cries. The acid is so corrosive that the few drops that landed on my bedside table in the dark, have completely taked the finish off the wood and left nice little divots.

There were a few bright spots in our morning. We had a lovely little chat just before dawn. He has had a lot of questions lately about the time of day. 'Is is suppertime? Is it morning supper? no? Is it in-between time?' He is all cuteness and questions. So this morning it was, "Is it night-morning?" So we chatted about the wonderful time just before the dawn and he told me that the time right when there is nothing in the sky is sunset. So we chatted about sunrise for a bit. And then the birds started to chirp. "It's morning!" He was as excited as any lethargic, dehydrated, sick little boy could be. He told me that Mr. Sun was coming up. It had been a very long night I am sure he was glad it was over. For my part, I wished it could be night for about 5 more hours, but that he felt better and slept.

He got up ready to hunt Easter eggs, so psyched up. Especially when he found the most eggs in record time. This year, my biggest boy (13) did not hunt for his own eggs. He helped Girly find eggs and was more than happy to do so. I was a little shocked at how grown-up he is, I am sure that he still wanted to look for his own eggs last year.

My little Monkey Boy did not eat one bite of his candy, but put himself back to bed. Poor guy.

He continued to be sick til about 4, though he had a big sleep in the afternoon. And some Popsicles to rehydrate him a bit, while having an hour long bath. By dinner he was up to eating a bit, but he put himself back to bed before dessert. Boy did he miss out! My hubby really wanted to try a recipe we saw on the Pioneer Woman Cooks. I adore her blog for all the beautiful food photography and yummy looking recipes. Not many are diet friendly however, making them all the more yummy. Anyway, we made the apple dumplings and they were perfectly delish.

Thankfully, I think he is on the mend. I am still cleaning smelly disgusting things out of my carpet and praying that no one else gets sick. I have utter phobia of stomach flu, especially vomiting. We actually had a pretty nice day, just relaxing and hanging out at home. Hubby went to church with the big boys to teach my Sunday school class. He was just going to ask them to find someone else to take them for today, since he hadn't any sleep either, but he stayed and had a fairly good time with all of our adorable 4 year olds. Then I got to have him here for the rest of the day. Perfect. Spent lots of time tucked up in bed with the kids, I can't complain about that.

Thank you God for my beautiful family and thank you for sending your Son to die so that we may live. And live knowing your presence in our lives every day.


  1. Hope the little man is feeling better real soon.

    God bless! Happy Easter!

  2. Ok, first of all, ick, and I'm shocked he could engage in any type of meaningful conversation during the illness. My kids had it this year, and there was no talking except "When is it going to stop," "I feel so bad" and moaning. The stomach acid eating away the wood finish was freaky...isn't it amazing that that's in our stomachs? In my daughter's homeschool body class, the nurse-teacher told the kids that our stomach acid is the same power as battery acid in your car, and yet the stomach doesn't get eaten away.
    So what happened with the Easter Egg hunt last year that your boy was still haunted?
    I hope no one else gets the stomach thing!

  3. Poor little boy! I'm glad he was in such good spirits between spells. Hope he feels better soon!

  4. So sorry about your little boy. Not fair, for the stomach flu to strike on a day with so much candy. :(

    Happy Easter.

  5. Poor little guy. I love all the questions. My 4-year-old will ask, "Is it morning, day or bedtime?"

  6. I share your phobia of the stomach flu. I get so unbearably sick with it.

    Feel better soon and have a happy (belated) Easter.

  7. I hope the little guy is feeling better today, and no one else got it!

  8. Poor Monkey Boy. I do hope he's feeling better now!

  9. poor guy...hope he is back to fun energetic self now.