Monday, March 03, 2008

Go Team Go!

In the fall we had bought tickets to an NHL game at my son's hockey team's silent auction. We have been looking forward to going to the game with our older boys for months. My dh asked his mom to come and babysit for us and she agreed. Last night as we are about to leave, he calls her and it was like she just realized it was for last night. She said she couldn't come. ACK! I decided that I wouldn't go, that the boys could just go with their dad and I would stay home with the littles.
At about 5:30 (the game was at 6)we decided to just bite the bullet and take the whole family. We had 4 really good seats so we would just buy a nosebleed ticket and sit with the littles on our laps. Maybe. We all threw on our hockey jerseys and climbed into the van.
It worked out great! The preschoolers were so excited to be there and for most of the game they sat nicely on our laps and watched in rapt attention. We sat right behind the opposing team's net, we could see the player's facial expressions and hear the chatter on the ice. We jumped as players were thrown into the boards. And when our team finally started scoring in the third period, we jumped and screamed and cheered. Girly was the biggest cheerleader of the group, she was jumping up and down on my knee and screaming 'Let's go, Oilers! Let's Go!" to the delight of many people around us.
I think the only person not that enthused was the poor guy sitting directly in front of me. He took the brunt of wiggly kidlets and screeching, teensy fans. I tried really hard to keep them contained and to not let them hit his seat, but it was impossible to shield him entirely from toddlerville.
It was a surprisingly great night for our family, but not one likely to be repeated very often. Costs a fortune!
Oh, best of all, our team won! In the shootout! We got to see Hemsky skating right towards us with the puck, deke out the goalie and shoot it in. Our seats were awesome, we could see the puck bouncing off the net. And my oldest boy doesn't feel like a jinx anymore. This is the first time he has been to a game where our team won.


  1. What a great night! I'm glad the whole family was able to enjoy the game. And it's doubly great that they won in overtime.

  2. How awesome! You guys actually YOU ROCK! I would have so stayed home lol.

  3. Oh, what a fun night for you guys!