Saturday, November 01, 2008

Remembering Callum

For those of you looking for an amazing baby gift or those of you with new babies I wanted to share an awesome sling with you. I had a HipMelon sling for my Girly (Love it!) and now I am getting a new one for Baby Zed, this one.
Here is this sling's story, from the website:
A pregnancy, a new baby: A time of excitement and expectation and hope. We carry our babies, love our babies, birth our babies and then bring them home to be raised, nurtured, and loved. We live happily ever after.

But happily ever after does not follow all pregnancies. In fact, some stories end more tragically than we’d like to consider.

Stillbirth: A dirty word to some, but a stark reality in 1 in every 115 pregnancies. Beautiful babies of 20 weeks or more gestation, fully formed with 10 fingers and 10 toes, who die before birth or during birth leaving shocked parents and families to mourn a baby they’ll never know.

We dedicate Carry on My Wayward Son sling to all the babies who did not make it out alive to the waiting, hopeful arms of their mothers and fathers. Babies who will never see a first birthday, who will never know the feeling of the warm sun on their little faces, who will never sense their mothers’ gentle kiss. And we dedicate this sling to the families that live with the anguish of this profound and traumatic loss every single day.

We ask that you remember, that you acknowledge their short, impactful lives, and that you join us in our endeavor to support efforts in stillbirth research and prevent a family from ever having to know the heartache of leaving the hospital empty-handed.


HipMelon Baby Wear will donate the full purchase price of all Carry on My Wayward Son slings purchased to stillbirth research in the name of Callum, son to HipMelon founder, Caterina Patterson, who was born still at 34 weeks gestation on November 1, 2007.

Carry on, sweet boy. Carry on.

So please consider buying a sling that will benefit charities trying to prevent this tragedy in other families lives.

Thinking of you today C., embracing you and dear, sweet Callum in my heart on this, his first birthday.


  1. I'm so glad you're getting one for Zed! He's boy enough to handle to purple and pink one but I"m sure he'll appreciate his own!

    I'm thinking of Callum and praying for C and her family today too.

  2. I am so thankful you shared this on your site. What a beautiful way to honor the life of beautiful Callum. It just breaks my heart but makes me smile at the same time. So many brave mamas who have found incredible ways to continue to love and remember their babies.

    I wish I had a baby to buy this for.... I'm going to keep thinking about this. Maybe somebody will come to mind.

  3. I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious boy. What a way to honor and remember hi with the baby sling. Blessings to you.