Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween tricks.

My two Monkeys and my baby banana!

What a strange Halloween. We only had the three little kids at home with us. The Boy left for youth retreat at a nearby ranch and Superboy went to the football game with the neighbours. So strange to not have all of our kids with us, I missed them!

The preschoolers were pretty hyped up, by the time we were finished dinner they were both in tears. Monkey boy really didn't want to put on his gorilla costume and Daddy had to reach pretty deep in his bag of tricks to convince him.

The kid practically ran from house to house yelling Trick or Treat, giggling and laughing. All the neighbours really enjoyed our little sweeties and we got to visit with people we haven't talked to much since the summer.

When we finished our cul-de-sac we left to go and visit hubby's relatives with our little monkeys. After one stop Monkey was crying again because he was so tired, and before we got to Gramps', he was asleep. Poor Monkey, too much sugar and anticipation.

By the time we got our Monkeys and Banana baby tucked in, we got a call from the youth pastor. I guess the stomach flu that hit the rest of us finally caught up with the Boy on the way to the ranch. Our poor boy had thrown up all over the bus and then hadn't stopped. Daddy drove out to get him. Poor kid didn't even get to gorge himself on junk before he got sick, he missed all the fun.

My kids are getting so big, this halloween is just the beginning of the kids having other places to be and go rather than hanging with us. Life is changing, our family is growing and growing up. I miss my boys already!


  1. Very, very cute picture. Halloween does hype them up and then they crash!

    So sorry you all have been afflicted with stomach flu!

  2. What a great photo - hope your little man starts feeling better - a shame he missed a special outing.

    Take care!

  3. I had a hard time getting Bad into his costume too - but once he figured out what this Trick-or-Treating business was all about, he ran from house to house yelling, "MO(re)! MO(re)!"

    It's all bittersweet, this parenting, isn't it? We watch them grow, try to help them achieve each new stage, each new goal...and then we mourn the stage we've lost, the little ones they used to be.

  4. What an adorable picture. Thanks for sharing. They grow up so fast, I cannot believe mine are almost 15 and 23!

  5. What a great costume idea -- the monkeys and banana! That picture is so sweet!
    So sorry Boy is sick, too. Hope he feels better soon.

  6. man, what a Halloween!

    sorry bout the tummy-bug for the boy...

    the costumes: perfect. I love 'em!

  7. The day seems to hype them up before they even get the sugar. Sorry about your big guy!

  8. Great costumes. My two older boys didnt rrick or treat, but the girls are just getting into it.

    And Im surprised to say that we still have lots of candy left

  9. Look at those cuties!! Sorry your son got sick and that you missed the older boys. It is hard to realize that they are growing up, I know!

  10. So cute! Sorry to hear your older son got the stomach flu. I got sick on Halloween once and it was awful. Hope he has a speedy recovery.

  11. This year it was just Alexis (and my neice) - the older kids had other places to be. My kids are growing up too!

    Have a good week - Kellan

  12. Well, you know how I feel about monkeys! And I love the little banana with them. That is too cute!