Monday, October 27, 2008

I get knocked down, I get up again!

Ah, the stomach flu. Technically not the flu at all, but a bugger just the same. Over the weekend it hit me. Of course me, I guess I am a bit run down. So the sweating, shaking, freezing, dizzy, toilet hugging stomach flu decided to make me hit my bed for the day. I slept all day Saturday, all night and then by Sunday I was just a bit weak, but feeling better in time to take over for the hubby when he got it.
We tried to talk ourselves into thinking it was just something we ate, but yesterday it hit the Monkey. Thankfully he is doing better today, a bit wimpy feeling, but not bad. I pray that the plague has now been purged from our home. There are 4 more healthy people here, let's keep it that way! Girly was actually feverish all weekend, but no other symptoms, so I hope that is all she gets.
I have been busy this week with my business. The business that I have ignored all year. I decided that it would be nice to make some Christmas money and get some of my scrapbook/storybooks published, so I am working it.
We are actually having a sale today and tomorrow, custom cards and calendars. Awesome deals!
Check it out! I am making calendars for all the grandparents for Christmas.
I will be taking orders til about 10:30 pm tomorrow night for the sale. Email me to set up your own free account , I would love to help you tell your family's stories in gorgeous hardbound books.

Here is a Christmas card I did up yesterday. The artwork is from weeds and wildflowers.


  1. EVERYONE has the flu or a cold, it seems! FEEL BETTER!!!

  2. So sorry you guys had the awful bug! And good luck with your business!

  3. I hope no one else got sick!