Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have awesome friends! My girlfriend, who also has five kids, has offered to take all my kids this afternoon so that I can have some time. Time to nap! Maybe even work on my Christmas presents without Girly sitting on my arm while I try to scrapbook! I am so thankful for friends who care enough to be there for you.
Yesterday I met another lovely friend at the park, it was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed each other's company so much. It is amazing how you can feel so much less alone in your journey when you share a bit of it with someone else. We made a date to start walking with each other in the evening. Or maybe just having coffee!
I am supposed to be getting ready to take the kids to playgroup, I drove Brent to work so that we could have the car and go and so far I haven't even got in the shower. I guess I had better run.

Don't forget about the card and calendar sale that ends tonight. I will be taking orders until about 10:30pm. Drop by my site and have a look at all our new templates that make all your storybooks and calendars easy as pie.


  1. Sounds lovely. What a wonderful friend you have.

    And take a nap, Kristen! You deserve it.

  2. Did I miss it? I wanted the calendars.

    Oh and so great to hear about your great friend! So awesome!

  3. you did not miss it, you have until tonight! I will call you in a bit.

  4. You have some great friends - hope you enjoyed your day!! Take care - Kellan

  5. It is good to hear you are sounding so well and content mama....i wish I lived closer. I would love to make creepy crawlers with those kids of yours, give yo a break, and hold that baby!
    Make some older friends with women who have big kids and baby fever. We are everywhere...

  6. What a good friend!

    Oh, all of those templates just make me drool... So beautiful. If I weren't already so invested in Shutterfly (I have hundreds and hundreds of photos stored there) I might be tempted to switch over... So many photos... so little time. :)

  7. You have a friend who is willing to watch 10 kids at once? Let me know when she gets her sainthood! : )