Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Oh my gosh it is so freakin' hot in here today. I am just gushing sweat and I feel all light-headed. need.more.water. Going to get some, hang on...
K, better, phew.
Yuck, so sticky!
I need to clean my house! There is still dust everywhere and all the items dislodged from their homes over the weekend by home-demolishing hubbies, need new homes. And the laundry, oh the laundry! I went down to put some on and found the coveralls that dh put on to crawl around in the loose insulation in the attic, in my washer! I am gonna run a few rinse cycles before putting clothes in there, because that stuff is itchy.
Sorry, I just needed to vent for a few moments. My brain is addled and my body is weak today. And a bit painful. Everything moving around to make room for baby...

Oh! Oh! They did not! My kids, they just finished off all of the ice cream! Without me!

Hope you find a cool breeze, a yummy beverage and a friend to chat with today.


  1. I think I'm nesting early, because I've been purging like mad. Seriously crazy stuff.

  2. I hate hot. It's even worse when you're pregnant!

    I liked the way you signed off!

  3. argh! Mean and horrible! Send someone for a slush or something...quick!

  4. The kids finished all the ice cream?!?!? That's it - their grounded!

    I hear you about the heat girl. We had a little repreive here due to a storm down south but otherwise it's crazy hot here too (of course I am not preggo like you!) Take it easy...

  5. yesterday was a hot muggy day for us too. This weekend is supposed to be 80 and no humidity... and I am off this weekend. Yea!

    Hope you cool off too

  6. I'm in Texas and it is soooo hot here too! And speaking of laundry, my 14 yr. old son told me yesterday, that " I could only wash his laundry if I made sure to empty his pockets." So, I guess he thinks washing his laundry is a privilege now! LOL! Try to stay cool (:

  7. Hot and dusty are a terrible combination! Hope it cools off soon!