Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's a girl thing.

By the way, in regards to yesterday's title, the doctor is not worried about my blood pressure. I have no swelling and I am not gaining weight, they are not concerned.

I have to share this photo. It, to me, illustrates the innate differences between girls and boys.
My boys loved to line things up or build towers. This is a key part of their development as toddlers. My boys would make lines of dinosaurs, or lines of cars, maybe even animals. But not Girly. Nope, being a girl after mine own heart, this is what she would line up.


  1. and as I ask myself almost everyday, why does one (or two) little girl(s) need so many different pairs of shoes?
    I'm not sure how many your boys have, but mine have 3 tops at any given time lol. The girls....

    (....hey and you found her flip flop! )