Monday, August 25, 2008

more miscellany

Will you think I am a bad person if I admit that I didn't watch any of the Olympics? I just couldn't muster any enthusiasm for it this year. I even skipped most of the articles in the newspaper. I usually adore the Olympics and watch the opening ceremonies with tears running down my cheeks. This year? Nothing.

My Girly has been particularly adorable lately. One of her latest 'things' is that when she comes and cuddles with me for a story or whatever, she won't just sit beside me. "Mommy, I am not in your circle!" And then she proceeds to arrange us so that she is in my circle. Either on my lap, between my legs or at the very least, with my arm around her.
Unfortunately, now everyone wants to be in my circle and it is getting a bit crowded in here.
I am not sure how we are going to work the cuddles when Zed arrives. Monkey and Girly are continually battling for prime Mommy real estate, what are they gonna do when Zed is attached to my breast?!

Can anyone tell me, is it too much to ask that, when my darling husband and resident handyman, decides to haul the enormous mitre saw all the way up into the teensy bedroom to cut mdf trim to length, he shuts the damn door? I came home the other day to find my bed and furniture and everything else in the house absolutely covered in sawdust. Why, I ask you, why? The freshly painted bedroom he was working in had a door, it could have been closed to protect the rest of the house. But ideally he could have saved us all a lot of work by taking that saw outside on the deck. Because now that freshly painted bedroom has sawdust covering its walls, and I haven't had the heart to look at the ceiling he had just finished painting. Ugh.

I am so excited! I just got back from Superstore/Loblaws with bags of baby goodies. Teensy newborn diapers, wipes, some adorable little organic cotton onesies and sleepers (super cheap!) etc. I was feeling some anxiety about having nothing ready, in case I go into labour at some point. This seems unlikely, as I have never gone into labour on my own before. But you know, a girl can hope.
I am a little perplexed though, as to why I haven't been able to find a nursing bra that fits. I went to all the maternity stores and all the non-stretchy bras were teensy. Doesn't anyone understand that pregnant and lactating women get big boobs? And when your boobs are enormous, you want some support?
I would really like it if the women who work in these stores would stop trying to sell me things that just don't work for me. Don't try and talk me into a 40 dollar bra that I just told you doesn't work for me. I refuse to buy it just because it is the only thing I can find.
I did buy a sport type nursing bra though, I figure I can at least sleep in that and wear it in the hospital. But I have to find something to hold up the sisters in public. Believe me, no one wants to see me without that. These girls have nursed 4 babies! Anyone have any terrific nursing bra recommendations? I can't be the only big chested nursing mom out there.

I don't have an update on the boy from the boating accident today, but I will get one tomorrow. Keep praying.


  1. I'm so happy for you. Only a few more days to go. A friend of mine just had a baby girl and she weighed 9 pounds! The countdown of the baby is so precious!

  2. Sounds like you have lots going on! I can't help with the bra, I really never got big (am I the only person that didn't?)
    I can also agree with the husband doing strange things. I washed the dishes while Little Elvis and Bob ate their desserts last night. I didn't dry them. I know better. Bob will do something to mess them up. Last night he decided to wash off the new booster (that didn't need it) right into one of my clean pots! He said he didn't know it was clean or that I had been washing it. Men!

  3. oh, i just love that circle story!

  4. I think God just makes your circle sweet!

    I love coming to watch the countdown. I'm praying that this one, this last one will come on his own and soon...well in Gods good timing but soon:)

    I am no help at all in the crazy hubby department. Kev's pretty careful about that stuff. His thing is to start some big project just as we're about to eat/leave/trying to get everyone into the car. Get the kids out with the damp rags I guess:)

    Love you and miss you tons.

  5. I have to say that you missed out not watching the opening ceremonies. They were amazing. Please tell me you recorded it?

    I love hearing about all of your baby goodies! Sorry, I have no tips on nursing bras since mine weren't that great either. UGH!

    Hope your boys' friend is okay, we'll pray for him.

  6. Wow you are so close to labor. Yay on the shopping for Zed. Can't wait to see little pictures soon!

    Sorry no advice on the nursing bras. We're looking pretty paltry over here so that whole support thing is just over my head.

  7. So much going on!!! Busy, busy!

    "prime Mommy real estate" AWE . . . Love.

    Happy Anniversary, BTW!

    And, I can't believe how close your are . . . can't believe it.

    Take care, you!!!

  8. I didn't watch the Olympics. I just can't get into them at all.

    I did see the fake fireworks and lip syncing girl on youTubbe though.
    Does that count?