Friday, August 29, 2008


Another week has come and gone, I feel like time is slipping through my grip. That I am not keeping pace with my own life. The to do list keeps growing, my energy keeps lagging further and further behind. And my kids. My kids! They are transforming before my eyes. Daily.

My 10 year old, Superboy for example. He has always been the baby of the family, even since becoming a big brother twice over. But he was my baby for over 6 years and a bit spoiled in that role. He was so darn cute and mischievous, he got away with far more than was good for him. As a result, the last 3-4 years with him have not been easy for either one of us.

He had become an expert at avoiding work of all types, school, chores, whatever. He was a terribly picky eater. I have sympathy for that, as I was too, but when his whining about food turned into my littler Monkey boy whining about food, I got a little tired of it. In general, Superboy has been willful and defiant on a daily basis. He could spend hours avoiding a task by sitting and staring off into space or by sneaking off. He would torture all of his siblings in a quiet, sneaky way that often got the other person in trouble. He would even pick at his 2 year old sister until she was shrieking.

Well, on the cusp of his 11th birthday, Superboy is growing up. Oh he still has his moments. But I have been noticing more and more, signs of maturity blossoming within my boy. For example, he will finally eat what is given to him, even if he hates it. With minimal complaining. This is such a blessing, because Monkey idolizes him and had started to 'hate' almost every food. When this actual eating without whining started, I was sure to praise Superboy's newfound maturity, he needs lots of positive reinforcement.

Superboy is now starting to do his chores, once in a while he does a great job. He is playing with his younger siblings and actually making it fun for them. He has even been sharing his playmobil with them! He has started taking on the preparation of a meal sometimes. This week he made us all raisin bread french toast for lunch.

More than all of the things he does, it is the subtle shifts in attitude that amaze me and warm my heart. I see his personality maturing and his heart opening to others, empathy growing there. Even for those sibs who drive him crazy.

Superboy is an incredible kid. Sometimes our battles have clouded that for me, my frustration overshadowing all his wonderful traits. At almost 11, he still wants nothing more than to cuddle up with me, my arms around him, or to go on a mommy-son date. How special is that?! He makes a new best friend every time he meets a new group of kids. His heart is so open, so accepting, he is always ready to seek out someone who needs a friend or a helping hand.

I have always been proud of my boy, but it is incredible to me to watch him mature into the lovely young man God wants him to be. I am sure there are many battles still ahead, but I know that his love of God and his generous heart will see him through. And a lot of prayer.


  1. Such sweet words. Every stage shows another side of the wonderful people they are turning into...

  2. We've been watching our boy grow up lately, too (i.e. he started High School), so I can identify with this.

  3. My big one is also maturing. And wait, only 5 days until Baby MMM comes? CAN'T WAIT!

  4. What a wonderful post about your son!

  5. Aw we're proud of your R too!
    I love his spirit and the loyalty and bond he has with our kids. You're raising an amazing young man there girl!

    I do know what you're talking about though, sometimes son #2 kinda slips below the radar at our house too:)

    Happy almost birthday Ry guy. We all love you over here too:)

  6. Hi! I saw you over On the Flip Side's blog. Fun to read about the changes with Superboy.

    Good luck with the new baby. I look forward to reading more on your blog.

  7. Enjoy this sweet, mature boy while you can. He will be a teenager before you know it. My teen boy is sweet and mature still, but it has its own challenges. Like girls. Why on earth do they want to get to know GIRLS?

  8. Just wanted to say hi and that I really enjoy reading your blog. I am a 911 dispatcher in South Dakota and I read your blog on a regular basis!

  9. He sounds like a wonderful little boy!

  10. Superboy sounds like such a sweetheart. And how can he not be? You've taught him well!

  11. Superboy sounds very sweet. I know how you feel. My son Kyle is 14 and he is such a wonderful young man. And, Oh My Gosh!! 2 days left! You may have a new little one by the time you read my comment! I'm so excited for you!