Monday, March 17, 2014

Whole 30 check in, day 8

Doing a Whole 30 is a bit complicated with a house full of kids.
We have 6 children including 2 teenagers with their own income, who keep bringing junk food and such into the house. We didn't do a purge, so there are a number of tempting things like milk, cheese and peanut butter still in the house and being consumed by the kids on a daily basis. I am freaking out today, because I licked peanut butter off of my finger while making my kid a sandwich.
Do I need to start over???
We wanted to do a whole family Whole 30, but it was really stressful for the kids, so we are slowly introducing new foods and reducing the old ones and eliminating sugar. (I hope to wean them off the peanut butter by mixing it in ever decreasing amounts with almond butter)
Anyway, we are doing well, eating well and feeling okay. I have had some high energy days, unheard of for me, and I have had some really foggy, tired, sore days, like yesterday. We did have a lovely, long walk with the kids yesterday and saw the first Canada goose of the spring at the lake. Zed was 'observing and wondering,' he kept saying. And it was my husband's idea, so even better. He is really inspired to keep going, so that is an even bigger bonus. For the first few days, I felt like I was having to be a crutch for him, ensuring that he had lots of on plan food to eat, teaching him. But after a medical scare on Thursday and a cheaty look at the scale, he has taken the reigns for himself. Reading, prepping food, drinking coffee black. The whole 9 yards.

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