Thursday, March 13, 2014


My heart is so very full today. My newsfeed is full of photos and loving remembrances of a very special man in my life, my Uncle Oliver. He and my Auntie Joyce were like grandparents to me and my sisters, as our grandparents lived far away and Auntie and Uncle lived just around the corner. Uncle was always up for teasing and tickling when we were small and board games and jokes as we were older. Their home was filled with love and grandkids. Now they are finally reunited in heaven with many other of those who are precious to us, I know that Auntie is snuggling our Kalila and baby Grace each day and they are walking with their parents by a heavenly ocean. My heart aches for my dear cousins and their children and grandchildren, as well as for Uncle Oliver's dear wife who was his travel companion and friend and love and took such lovely care of him. I love you and miss you Uncle. And I love you, my sweet cousins. Your love, your close family ties, your philanthropy, your faith are all the greatest testimony of the lives of your parents and grandparents, Joyce and Oliver. I can't wait to see you all soon and share our memories.

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