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august 4, 2013

Sometimes my kids do things that are so 'them' that I feel like I need to record them and tell people so that they can see who my kids are, in the same way that I do. I often post them on Facebook, or record them in a notebook, or forget to get around to it at all. I used to write them all here, but it has been years since blogging has been a regular occurrence for me.

Earlier in the week, my wee Sunshine, who is now 2.75 years old, was sitting next to me as I checked Facebook. In my newsfeed there was a photo of huge rocks from a rock slide. He got very excited, jumped up and yelled, "Climb! Climb!" Of course he would want to climb those rocks. He never stops jumping and climbing. The first and last thing he does each day is convince someone to play catch with him. Footballs and frisbees fly morning, noon and night.
Immediately after the climbing excitement, he yelled, "1, 2, free, 4, 2... JUMP!" And leaped into my lap for cuddles and saying, "Murse Me, Mama!" Which is Sunshine for Nurse me, Mama. Because even extreme sport loving toddlers love nursies.

He is actually my latest nursling by far. Zed almost made it to 2 years, he quit just before Sunshine was born. I am more than ready for Sunny to be done. He needs a bit more convincing. Mostly he uses it as a delay tactic to avoid going to bed. Daddy comes in to put him to bed and he jumps at me, screaming, "MURSE!" hoping to grab a nip and get a few moments reprieve.

I am trying to distract him with more stories and cuddles, and hope to be done by his birthday. He is ready to be mostly a big boy too, I think.

Speaking of Zed, last night, after brushing his teeth, I mentioned to him that in about a year's time, he might get a wiggly tooth. I explained how it will fall out and the tooth fairy will pay him a visit, leaving her cash booty behind. He, being himself, told me that no, he will be keeping his tooth, thank you very much. He will leave a note for the tooth fairy and take his chances.

He is a boy who has his own, very distinct and specific way of doing everything. And he has a hard time making a decision and letting go. If he has 2 choices, he is all but paralyzed by indecision. What if he makes the wrong decision? And after he makes a decision, he almost always wishes he had made the other choice. If there are more choices? Well, forget about it. He has a meltdown.  So his not wanting to let go of his tooth? Not surprising to me.

Even better than those little things that they do that reinforce what I believe to be true about them, are the things they do that utterly shock me. I love finding out that I don't really know them as well as I think I do. It means that I still get to get to know them better.


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