Friday, September 17, 2010

The Mouth's of Babes

As I was going into hour 3 of cleaning dried on diarrhea from Zed's crib yesterday, (I guess he pulled of his diaper during naptime, while I was out for coffee with a girlfriend, and it took my eldest a while to hear him and rescue him. Zed had lots of time to make a mess.) my 5 year old Girly piped up, "Mom, I think you need to get a new husband. One who will listen to you. So then he can do some of your work, like clean up this poop! You do all the cleaning, and sweeping, and bathrooms around here. If you had a new husband, he could do some of that stuff."

I just about peed my pants! I chatted with her a while, trying to figure out where that was coming from. And defending my current husband, who does do some of those things (and a lot more!) when he is home.

Unfortunately, I think maybe she was taking some of my complaining to heart. I remember saying last week, that I was the only one in this house who ever sweeps. And complaining to my husband because he had promised to help me with some things and then he wasn't getting around to it. I guess I need to watch my words a little more carefully! And maybe cut the drama just a little.

My Girly really empathizes with me and embraces our sisterhood in this house of boys. I guess she was feeling sorry for me, though I do find it hilarious that she thinks my husband should listen to me...

I think I will keep the husband I have, but I wouldn't mind a maid!

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