Thursday, September 09, 2010

Baby Zed is 2!

"2! 2!" He has been chanting for weeks. Our baby boy is a big boy now and he makes sure we all know it. Ever since Superboy's 13th birthday on Friday, Zed has been running around yelling, "No! Ma birf!" and now it finally is.
yummy whales!
He is such a sweetheart and he melts my heart each and every day with his sweet, shrugging smile and his crazy antics. 8 months ago, I thought I might lose my mind. He still wasn't sleeping through the night, and every waking moment was filled with mischief and destruction. Then we found out that we were expecting another baby. I literally thought that I would be pushed over the edge. But by 18 months, he was sleeping through most nights. And he was communicating with greater ease, making him a happier baby. He could also figure out how to get into all the things he couldn't reach before and that was joy unspeakable for Zed.
Last night as we were waiting for Daddy to come and finish the bedtime routine, Zed had Girly's maracas and was rockin' out. He was shaking them with all his might, scream singing (like some of his teen brothers' music) and then playing some air guitar before pausing for applause and smiles. I couldn't help but squeeze him in delight! Half an hour later, my ears were ringing and my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing.
He is so very smart. I have, of course, thought this of all my children. And they all are! But this baby Zed is determined too. If he wants something, he will stop at nothing to get it. A number of months ago, when we started putting valuables like the video camera, on top of the fridge for safe-keeping he immediately figured out how to use the broom to knock them down. He will climb anything in his pursuit of mischief. He plays in the sink and the toilet. He will get the jar of peanut butter (buuu-er) open and double-fist it into his grinning maw. Child-proof containers do not even slow him down, nor do cupboard door latches. He has been able to open doors for at least 6 months....
Sorry, got interupted there... Zed took off his poopy diaper and sat on my bed and then he peed. ugh. The laundry and messes are endless. But the bedtime kisses and wuv woo's, and snuggles more than make up for the craziness.
At 2, Zed loves peanut butter, meat, mashed potatoes, fruit, corn on the cob, music (louder the better), robots and puppies. He also loves everything his older siblings like. He thoroughly enjoys drawing with markers (all over himself), climbing, sitting in the sink with the water running, and TV (especially Phineas and Ferb and anything with music). When he is feeling shy or sheepish, he will shrug one shoulder while turning on one foot. If you ask him a silly question, he will scrunch up his nose and lower his chin, say,"No-oo," and give you the goofiest grin. He loves to tickle and beat up his Dad and big brothers, wrestle with Monkey, and cuddle dolls. He is sunny and sweet, loud and quick, fun and independent. We have so much fun with our friendly sweetheart. 
Baby Zed and Grandma!
Love you Baby Zed! You are not a baby any more, you are such a big kid, but you are still my baby. Happy Birthday!


  1. Wow. I can not believe he's 2 years old! Happy birthday to the little man!

  2. Happy birthday!! I have a feeling Baby Plum and Zed would be big buddies.

  3. Happy (late) birthday Zed man! We love you over here too. You are the stuff of legends! Make sure your mom writes this stuff down cuz you just can't make it up :)
    (love you K! I adored getting to know him this summer! He's awesome in all the ways you described plus a million more!)