Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Love

Baby Zed has become quite the lover boy. Every time Daddy tries to kiss Mommy, Zed pushes Daddy away with a loud, "No, MY Mama!" Then Zed grabs my face with both hands and plants a big kiss on my lips. As long as Daddy is hanging around, he keeps kissing me, usually with a sloppy grin on his face. This makes both Daddy and Mommy giggle, and Daddy keeps teasing and trying to kiss Mommy. The other night, Zed was kissing me so enthusiastically that he knocked me right over on the bed, and then we were all laughing.
I don't know how long this little game will last, but it sure melts my mommy heart and I will take all the kisses and cuddles I can get from my sweet boy. But there is a downside (other than a slobbery face) to all this kissing.
Last weekend at Superboy's football game, we were playing in the playground with the coach's wife and their 2 year old twins. The 3 two year olds were having a blast together, running and sliding and chattering. At one point, their little girl was sitting at the bottom of the slide when Zed decided to go down. I called for him to stop, but by the time I ran (read: waddled) the 2 steps, he had slid into her. She was fine, but I quickly explained to Zed that he should wait and asked him to apologize. "Sowwy," she said. "Oh, no sweetheart, not you. Zed, please tell the girl that you are sorry."
So he bent down a little, patted her head, made sympathetic sounds and then proceeded to put both hands on her face and go in for the big smooch! Then he kissed her again!
The mom and I killed ourselves laughing, I apologized and she started teasing her daughter about having a boyfriend. It really was adorable, we had a laugh and the kids went back to playing.

At least I don't have to worry about that kind of boy-girl interaction between 2 year olds. I am a bit more concerned about my fifteen year old. sigh.


  1. So cute! Sounds like a little charmer.

  2. My little guy has been so loving this week. I am eating it up before he changes his mind.

  3. That must have been so cute to see. And yes, I imagine it's not so cute with the 15-year-old set!

  4. such a sweet kid, he looks so adorable