Tuesday, December 30, 2008

taking a breather

So I thought I was going to have the 26th and 27th off and to myself, boy was I wrong. Today I finally have some time, baby is fussing but I am determined to write something on my blog! I have a Christmas post in the works, but not done yet and it is already the 30th.

It has been a bit frantic around here. Cleaning, visiting, skiing, cooking, visiting, shopping. Fun, but I am done and I think Zed is too, he seems to have a virus of some sort and he was up most of last night. I am obviously fighting something off, as I have a nice cold sore on my lip. Yuck.

The year is almost done, and it has flown by, well except for a few very pregnant weeks in the summer. Those days dragged their feet a bit, but since Zed has arrived the days seems like moments. Tomorrow is Monkey boy's 5th birthday. Fifth! I have been thinking of him as my baby boy for so long and now he is five, no longer a toddler or a preschooler. 5! He really is still my baby though, he is a teensy little powerhouse, a force to be reckoned with one moment and curled up in my arms like a baby the next.

He so wants to be like his big brothers, to do everything they do. He is 'cool' not 'cute.' He no longer plays with his Thomas trains, but with Lego and Playmobil like Superboy. He doesn't want to use his leapster, but one of the boys' Gameboy DS'. His favourite movies are Star Wars instead of Diego. He sings rock songs instead of nursery rhymes and taught himself to read in a matter of weeks, so that he could walk around with his nose in a book just like the bigger boys.

Poor Girly had lost her playmate recently, Monkey wanted nothing to do with her, he just followed his brothers around. Thankfully, since Christmas, that has changed again and they have been playing together. I have caught them splitting the dollhouse into two houses and playing together. All Monkey's Lego Star Wars characters were laying in a dolly bed with their helmets on the floor.

I have to say that even though Monkey is becoming such a big boy, I am thankful that he still wants to cuddle with mommy every day. He gives the best snuggles. And I still think his thumb sucking is cute, but it is time to stop. He agreed that when he was five that he would stop. So we need to go and pick out a finger puppet today that he will wear on his thumb to discourage the sucking. Hope it goes well!

I guess today won't be quite as relaxing as I thought. I need to make a birthday cake, get my house ready to have dinner guests, buy a birhtday present... oh and fold laundry! So much laundry!


  1. 5 does seem much bigger than 4 somehow....Happy Birthday Monkey!

    Good luck with the thumb sucking - I hate to say it but my baby sister sucked hers until University. Nothing my mom tried worked, but my sister IS exceptionally stubborn.

    Happy New Year MMM!

  2. Happy Birthday to your little man. I can't believe our tiny babies are going to be 5. It's such a grown up age!
    hugs and kisses to him!

  3. Happy Birthday.

    ...and yes, mamasita---your to-do list sounds lengthy!

  4. time does go so very fast doesn't it?! We just celebrated a first birthday and already I want to slow time down to a crawl.

    Hope you have a wonderful celebration.

  5. Bittersweet... The laundry multiplies by 2 with each child. HOW is that possible?

    I can only imagine your laundry piles...


  6. Happy Birthday to your little Monkey! 5!! Wow!

    My little monkey's a thumb-sucker, too.... Finger puppet is a GOOD idea. Let us know how that works!

    I hope my little Rascal will always be the snuggler that he is.... He loves his mama.... :) I could do without the kissing-me-on-the-mouth, though. But, he's only 15 months, so it's still cute. Gooey, but cute! ;)

  7. I love the imagery of the Lego men in the dollhouse! And for great fingerpuppets, I squishy heart folkmanis.com

  8. I also love the image of the lego men in the dollhouse with their helmets off!

    Turning 5 is a big deal.

    Hope you get some rest soon!

    Happy New Year to you!

  9. You are busy!

    Snugglers are the best--my 13 year old daughter is still a champion snuggler--I hope Monkey stays that way for you.

  10. I had 5 days off- at home with the kids. Boy, I am sure glad to get to work today for some peace and quiet.

    Have a wonderful 2009

  11. 5-year-old boys are awesome! Mine is still very cuddly too. Happy Birthday Monkey Boy!

  12. Our three kids go through stages where two will play with each other all the time and then suddenly stop. For the most part, they still get along--which is great considering that the oldest is a 15 year old boy in high school.

  13. My house has been the same way! Wild 'n' crazy all day and night! Who knows. Must be the cookies, right?

    Happy New Year, my friend. Hope 2009 is amazing.