Monday, December 01, 2008

December 1st???!!!!!!!

It is only the first day of December and all of a sudden I am feeling anxiety. I haven't done any shopping! I don't have any extra Christmas money tucked away! I am still working on my gifts! I haven't done Zed's stocking! My house is a disaster and I still have no flooring! Oh! Maybe I should do some baking! The kids want to make a gingerbread house! I need to make it from scratch, don't I?? Church performance! Charitable service! The tree! The lights! ack! argh! I am running out of time!

Girl! Take a breath.... slooooooowwwwww ddddoooowwwwnnn..... You still have 24 days.

24 days!!!! Only 24 days!!! What am I gonna do?? How can I possibly do it all??? Ack! Argh!

Okay, sitting down with my tea. Taking some deep breaths. in.............. out............
Remember I was talking about priorities? Well, I have to keep reminding myself of that in regards to Christmas. Christmas is the birth of Christ, that is what we are celebrating. So my time and energy needs to be concentrated there. And then my family, my kids and husband. The things I do should keep them in mind and most of my resources should be there. Teaching them about Christ and doing for others and making Christmas magical for my family. Spending time with those I love, rather than screaming at everyone to get their buts in gear with their chores and stop messing up my perfectly decorated tree.

So I know all those things, and that is part of why we are observing Advent this year. Today we are making doves for our Jesse tree. But, in reality, I know that I will do all those things on my list. I hope to not make my family hate me in the process... or wrap the baby up in a gift by mistake. And more importantly I will try to be present to what I am doing and find the joy in each task, rather than worrying about all the other to do's on my list. There is really no point in all the traditions if we do not do them with joy and love.

And I can get my Superboy to do the baking!


  1. "There is really no point in all the traditions if we do not do them with joy and love."

    So true! So, so true!

    I am guessing your Jesse Tree is a lot more fabulously homemade than ours... I had big plans to make a Jesse tree banner this year that could be used year after year... Ummm... no. Not this year. Instead we are using the paper Jesse Tree that came with the book of devotions I ordered. I opted for simplicity knowing that the devotions were more important than me showing off my craftyness (of which I have none).

    Here's to simplicity and lots of deep breaths!

  2. Oh goodness! I feel like I've been gone forever! :(
    And you know what's funny. I woke up with these exact sentiments: the house is a wreck and I have a ton of things to get accomplish. I am not ready for Christmas yet!

    However, once again, you put me in perspective! Thank you! I have so much to be thankful for and so much to celebrate. This Christmas I want to teach our oldest more about what the season is truly about.

  3. *sighs*

    You are totally spot on. It's like you live in my head or something.

  4. You know, one of the benefits of being Jewish.... ;) I don't have AS MUCH pressure going into Hanukkah, but I do have to figure out how to please monkey with a gift every day for EIGHT DAYS! ;)

    Keep breathing!!! And, yes, stay present -- that's the best present you can give to yourself and the fam right now!

  5. I tend to forget the real reason for the season too. We just get so wrapped up (no pun intended!) in all the other stuff!

    Don't worry, it will all get done...

  6. it's so easy to lose sight about what is important about this season. when we are being pulled 8 different directions, and trying to meet the expectation that Martha & Rachel Ray have placed in our moms, it is really easy for us to lose sight of the important things...

    but, you've reminded me to find the joy in the tasks & all the little magical things about the season!

  7. I'm right there with you. I can't believe it's only 23 days away.

  8. I love the advent ritual part of the season...I don't like the too much to do, stress part.

  9. Yeah I'm really trying to downplay the gift thing this year. And that makes things way less stressful.

  10. The fall just flew by, didn't it? Hard to believe our babes are 12 weeks old. And yes, Christmas and shopping and cooking and UGH. Good for you for refocusing - we can all use a little of that :)